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Here we have a cool video games Q&A with a Twitter dude from Philly who I just love to follow. 

This guy is a retro gamer through and through and makes me smile with all of his awesome tweets.

He loves a GIF and he loves Far Away Compliments, he is the awesome @FarAwayComplimentGuy

So here goes ........

1. What's your earliest video gaming memory?

That’s a hard one. I can’t really remember what was first. One of the earlier ones was playing the original The Legend of Zelda at a friend’s house. I was amazed by the game with the gold cartridge. I got the game about a week later and my love of Zelda continues to this day.

2. What was the first video game console that you owned?

The first console would be the Atari 5200.  It was like the Atari 2600 but could play 5200 and 2600 games. I loved playing Pac-Man on it.  I even owned ET and still remember playing it.  I remember falling in pits and stretching my head to Slo OOo owly get out. I stop playing it shortly thereafter…. still not sure why the decided to dig them all out of that landfill.

I got the NES shortly thereafter. I remember asking my parents to get me Mario Bros after I saw it at a neighbour’s house. They got it and I was so confused.  This wasn’t the magical game I had seen.  What was going on?  Well, I later figured out I had seen SUPER Mario Bros, not just plain Ol’ Mario Bros… it was a totally different game!

3. How did you get into the retro gaming scene?

Get into it? I lived it! I never got out of it. I’ve never sold a game I’ve bought so I still have most retro games I’ve bought. I think I did lend a few to friends that never gave them back. I'm talking to you SNES Bart’s Nightmare!

I was a Nintendo kid growing up so I own everyone Nintendo home console released. I got a Playstation when it came out so now I own all of the Playstation consoles too.

4. What's your favourite video game of all time?

Anyone who knows me knows the answer is Chrono Trigger on the SNES. I bought the game in 1995 close to when it came out. I started the game late one night at like 2 am… played through the entire morning. When I travelled back from the portal at the Millennial Faire to 600AD and trying to find out where (when) I was is something I will always remember. I always love everyone in 600AD calling me an idiot for not knowing what year it was.

5. What's your favourite console of all time?

It’s the Super Nintendo. So many of my favourite games are on there.  Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Zelda A Link to the Past, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Star Fox, Donkey Kong Country, Earthworm Jim, EVO Search for Eden, Mega Man X, Super Castlevania IV, Super Metroid… I could keep going on and on… It’s hard to beat how beautiful 16-bit graphics can be.

6. What's your favourite arcade game of all time?

I would say I put the most amount of time in Street Fighter (the million versions of it) and Pac-Man. Does Skee-ball count as an arcade game? No? okay, then Street Fighter and Pac-Man.

7. What's your favourite sandwich?

I live near Philadelphia, so of course, it’s a cheesesteak. Cheese wiz and fried onions!

8. Do you have any interesting gaming stories?

When I was younger, I was deciding what game to get next. I went to the local game shop, I had planned on getting the game Metroid for the NES. When I got there, I had every intention of getting Metroid… but then I saw Karnov… which had a dinosaur on the box.  I loved dinosaurs at the time (who doesn’t love dinosaurs).  

I was conflicted… what to do?  Well, what I did was walk out of the store with Karnov, and eventually enjoyed the game. I didn’t end up buying NES Metroid for like 20 years later. Metroid went on to be one of the more popular gaming franchises… and Karnov.. has a dinosaur on the box.

9. What's your favourite beer?

Golden Monkey by Victory Brewing

10. What current generation video games do you play (if any)?

I play the PS4 mostly. Right now I am playing Mass Effect Andromeda… I’m a big Assasin’s Creed fan and am looking forward to the new one in Egypt.  I have a Switch but only have Zelda, but what else do I need on it?

My favourite game this generation so far has been Knack.  

Just kidding. It’s Uncharted 4 A Thieves End and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

11. How did your Twitter name come about?

It’s from my favourite episode of Family Guy, Road to the Multiverse. The funniest, most ridiculous one is the universe where there is a far away guy who shouts compliments.  I LIKE YOUR SHIRT! It’s a nice universe.
12. What's your favourite video game genre?

Nowadays I like the open world or 3rd person shooters. Playing Assassin’s Creed 2 as an open world game, exploring Renaissance Italy (Florence, Venice) around the year 1490 is a gaming memory I will never forget.

13. If you were a console, which one would you be and why?

I would be a Nintendo GameCube. I have no idea why I just think GameCube’s are cool.

14. Can you recommend a good retro gaming shop (online or high street shop)?

Yes, but aren’t you in England? I’m not sure many of your readers will fly to the US for a retro game shop, no matter how cool it is

Massive Thanks To @FarAwayComplimentGuy For Letting Us be Nosey....

Go Find Him On Twitter And FOLLOW HIM!


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