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Video Games
The RAP Game Reviews From "A Cloud Called Klaus"

What's the perfect combination?


Nutella & Pancakes?


Bacon & Eggs?


What about Hip Hop & Video Games!?

Our greatest gaming sessions have been played to the background music of The Wu Tang Clan or Dr Dre whilst spending hours getting stuck into Pro Evolution Soccer session with friends,

It just seems perfect to us, smooth flows and pixels were always meant to be....

So imagine our joy when we discovered A Cloud Called Klaus and his You Tube Series entitled "The RAP Game" where Klaus reviews Video Games in the form of a truly entertaining and tight RAP.

"The Rap Game is a fortnightly show where our host, A Cloud Called Klaus, gives you an insight into how he found his bimonthly gaming. Updated every other Saturday"

It makes listening to a game review so much more engaging and we are loving Klaus' style, this man is a STAR IN THE MAKING!

You have got to be listening & watching Klaus' Reviews they are not to be missed!

So follow Klaus on Twitter HERE

Watch Klaus' RAP Game Videos HERE and DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO HIS CHANNEL to keep up to date with his latest Reviews!

Let us know if you agree with us about our perfect combo?


What do you listen to whilst playing Video Games? A bit of Beethoven or Iron Maiden Maybe?

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