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This week I was lucky enough to be able to watch a special press screening of The AMIGA Years From Bedrooms To Billions and I can tell you right now that this is a visual love letter to the AMIGA like nothing you have ever watched before............

The 2 and a half hours that you will invest in watching this marvellous documentary will leave you re-evaluating what you may have thought of the Amiga prior to watching this.

I was an Amiga nut growing up and enjoyed playing some of the finest 16 bit video games that were ever made on my wonderful A600. The thing is though, at the time I didn't realise that it could so much more than just play awesome games.

This dcumentary really brings home exactly how the Amiga shook up the computer world and not just the video games world.

It uses some of the most influential and reveered video games developers to tell you the story of how the Amiga was born from the ashes of the Atari crash and how it revolutionised the face of video games from there onwards.

You'll get to hear about the legendary "Whiteboard" which assisted in creating the blueprints for the Amiga
It's at this point that the documentary gets mega technical but it's told in a way that makes it so interesting for all us Amiga nuts.

You'll learn lots about Daphne, Agnus & Portia the silicon CHIPS that power this amazing beast!
You'll hear all about how CES was make or break for Amiga as the creators took the first prototype to the show for the very first time.

There's also some very interesting stories about the bouncing ball demo which is so eponymous with Amiga.
Hear all about the Atari lawsuit that was like something out of an episode of a soap opera.

Then comes a very entertaining look at the Atari ST vs AMIGA war that Amiga would go on to win.

There's also a brilliant story about how Andy Warhol & Debbie Harry left a lasting impression on everyone at the Hollywood-esque launch!
Throw into the mix the era of "Arcade Perfect" conversions, piracy, the Demo scene, Copy Parties and the Amiga's very own theme song and you've got yourself nearly 3 hours of Amiga perfection. 

My personal favourite contributor to this amazing documentary was Shahid Ahmed who shares with us some truthful and emotional insights into just how much the Amiga changed his life!

All I Can Say To YOU Is That YOU Need To Watch This Amiga Delight, It's A True Treat!

"Stay Frosty Freezer Followers"

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