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There seems to be a lot of Retro Gaming Love around at the minute.

The Nintendo NES Mini really stirred up the nostalgia pot and now us retro gamers are all worked up in anticipation for the second coming!

In the mean time I have been scouring the Funstock website for the coolest Retro gaming merchandise that I can stick onto my wishlist.

Here's FIVE Of My Faves That Will Be On My Wishlist Until My Birthday In October...........(Libra)

1. ATARI Flashback 7

This little beauty is the Atari Flashback 7 Plug and Play Retro Games Console which is loaded with 101 hit Atari games including Space Invaders, Frogger and Pong! It also comes with 2 original Atari style controllers and TV plug n play connectivity...NICE!

Get It From Funstock And Use Code FREEZER For An Extra 5% Discount!

2. ATARI Flashback Portable

Live the dream of Atari on the go with The Atari Flashback Portable again it comes with built in games and that is a total of 60 hit Atari games built-in including Frogger and Pong!

Get It From Funstock And Use Code FREEZER For An Extra 5% Discount!

3. Super Famicon Book : The Box Art Collection

This tome has been on my list for a while now and it's calling m loud and clear....BUY ME it's saying! 
This is 'Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection' and it's a 250 page hardback book featuring stunning photography, information and features of original Japanese game/box art. The Super Famicom was the Japanese version of the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and featured glorious imagery on the box art that the western PAL versions missed out on. Just look at that Super Ghouls N Ghosts!

Get It From Funstock And Use Code FREEZER For An Extra 5% Discount!

4. Wireless SEGA Megadrive

It might not be quite as cool as the NES Mini but come on, you gotta admit this little black box would look cool in my living room right?

Check out the deets:
Sonic the Hedgehog Edition of the SEGA Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis Classic Retro Games Console - 25th Anniversary Edition. 
It comes with 80 built-in SEGA Mega Drive games including Sonic the Hedgehog (1 and 2) and Mortal Kombat (1, 2 and 3) and includes a built-in SD card slot for unlimited expansion!


Then there is this............we all know about this and yes we all know that Nintendo are just cashing in on us.....BUT hey this is mega awesome.......I'M JUST GONNA GET ME ONE or two!

This Is What I'm Going To Be Spending My Dosh On.....

What About You?

What Retrogaming delights do YOU fancy?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below...

"Stay Frosty Freezer Followers"

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