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Having done quite a lot of house during my lifetime it's no wonder that the lofts in the houses I move to end up accumulating some awesome retrogaming loot!

Recently I moved out of my flat and had the task of clearing the loft of anything that resembled any sort of value.

Whilst sifting through old light fittings, left over wall paper, paint pots and old tiles I came across a cooler bag that felt fairly heavy. Intrigued by this find I went on to open it up and there before my eyes I found a lovely load of retro gaming booklets and other paraphernalia. 

The finds were mainly give away booklets from video game magazines alongside some vintage video games catalogues from the likes of Dixons and Boots.

This find brought a smile to my face so I thought i'd share it with you all today so as you can take a peek and see if any thing you see makes you smile too.

My personal favourite is the fold out Legend Of Zelda map, i'm thinking that I will get that framed at some point as it's mega cool looking!

Can You See Anything Below That Tickles YOUR Fancy?

Let Me Know What YOU Like The Look Of In The Comments Box Below.....

"Stay Frosty Freezer Followers"

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