☆ The Original Gamer Achievements & Trophies From The Early Years Of Video games ☆ #Retrogaming

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A few weeks ago I stumbled across these awesome Activision Video Gamer Patches that were around in the 80’s @ www.atariage.com

You were required to reach a certain score or another task in the game and then send Activision photo evidence of this feat and then Activision would send you an awesome patch to sew onto your jacket!

This seems like the origins of the achievement/trophy systems on PS3/4 and Xbox360/one as it was rewarding gamers for their in-game achievements but with something tangible. The badges were really well designed too. They are a joy to look at!

For me, I think that these type of badges would be really popular with today's gamers. Imagine if you could buy a badge from Sony or Microsoft which you could use to show off your platinum Trophy for a particular game that you loved.

I think it would an awesome thing to collect even if you hadn’t achieved the task it signified. Us gamers love a good collectable (think of Amiibo) so a sew-on badge collection would be loads of fun to collect and swap!

I’d like a set of badges that have different designs per game and align to all the existing achievements but I’d also love to have a set of retro gaming badges for those awesome games that never got the Activision badge treatment. Imagine the awesome 96 Levels badge for Super Mario World or maybe the Super Ghouls N Ghosts badge just for completing the darn thing.

Maybe instead of gamer patches, these could be converted to gamer magnets to stick on your fridge door to show off that gaming feat!

Would YOU Buy Gamer Patches or Gamer Magnets if you could get your hands on them to show off your gaming prowess?

Which video games achievements would you want to be recognised with a physical badge or magnet?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments box below



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