☆ Will Varley Releases A Video Game Inspired Music Video For His Latest Single ☆ #Retrogaming

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Singer, Will Varley released a brand new single this week and has put together a videogame-style music video reminiscent of Flashback or Super Brothers: Sword And Sorcery.
He actually made the video himself which is cool!

It is actually the 2nd video game inspired music video he's put together, the first being "Weddings And Wars" which you can find below:

Will goes on to explain his inspration behind this style of music video and comments on the games industry in general below:

"I’ve been playing games since I was a wee lad, I worked out how to load games from DOS on my Dad's Compaq when I was 4 so I grew up on the likes of Crazy Cars 3 and Froggar etc. 
Quarantine blew my mind when it first game out, as did the original GTA. Early DOS pixel art has a particular place in my heart."
"Flashback was a masterpiece for me on SNES, I was also a big fan of the point and click stuff like Monkey Island and Simon the Sorcerer and also a little cyberpunk game called Dreamweb which still haunts my dreams to this day. 
More recently I've enjoyed seeing how games like Hotline Miami, Papers Please, and Finding Paradise have really pushed the boundaries of how narratives can play out and given players a genuinely emotive experience with pixel art."
"All of these were definitely in my mind when I was making this film. I think platforms like Steam have totally democratised game distribution in recent years allowing the Indy developers to shine.
I was also a big fan of Prison Architect, and in particular the cut scenes and storytelling in that game. 
I used to make games on Klick and Play when I was a kid, the music video for Seven Days is made with Clickteam Fusion which is Klick and Plays much like a younger brother. 
The video was all hand drawn, pixel by pixel in Fusions native art editor which is essentially a glorified version of MS paint... it took a long time. 
About 3 weeks of solid work, with a monster 23 hour session on the last day. 
I was sat at the computer from 1 in the afternoon till midday the following day... my wife thought I had lost my mind. 

Maybe I did..."

"Stay Frosty!"

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