๐Ÿ•น️ ๐ŸŒž A Trip To Isle Of Wight "Some Lovely Arcades & The Needles" ๐ŸŒž ๐Ÿ•น️ #RetroGaming

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The Isle Of Wight is my happy place when it comes to UK Holidays. 

Firstly the place is beautiful and totally laid back.

Secondly, there's still lots of lovely Arcade Machines knocking about which means that I can have some fun in Amusement Arcades aside from the usual sea of grab machines and penny pushers.

In honour of my holiday to the Wight Isle here are some pics of two IOW destinations where I found some cool arcade machines. 

Shanklin was the first port of call with a lovely Amusement Arcade called the "Summer Arcade" located on the seafront.
1. A lovely Mario Kart GP DX Machine (Check out that awesome arcade carpet!!)
2. A Tomb Raider Machine which I have seen a few times recently, impressive in action but maybe my photo doesn't do it justice? (that carpet is still beautiful)
3. NERF Arcade was a fun blast with me and my daughter but it was a right gobbler of pound coins! (more lovely carpet shots <heart emoji> )
4. Space Invaders - I played this first in Florida and loved spotting this beauty in the Shanklin Arcade. Lots of fun to play but again a bit of a pound guzzler! 
5. Skill Ball Pac-Man is a bit of a Pac-Man cash in but I liked the Arcade Cabinet look to it (but I didn't play it) - sorry for lack of carpet in this pic.
6. This is a cool Pac-Man cash in as it's a four player Air Hockey that unleashes hundreds of pucks all at once! (#CarpetMoneyShot)
Next up was a trip to the iconic Needles Attractions where it has its very own SEGA Active Zone which has a few nice machines including this little lot:
1. OutRun2 SP - A classic
2. Transformers Human Alliance - A completely over the top Transformers game that is loads of fun to play and bat shit crazy!
3. DinosaurKing - A card game Arcade Machine that I couldn't actually figure out to play but it looked cool!
4. Ford Racing - Full Blown (it's a shame but this bad boy was out of order)
5. SEGA RALLY 3 - This is a hydraulic cab that is fun to race on but I found really tough to control!
6. Sonic The Hedgehog - Air Hockey - It's a bit small and no match for the mighty Pac-Man version!
The trip to the Isle Of Wight is always worth it as most destinations still have arcade machines that are worth a pound or two of your hard-earned cash.


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