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Tools up is a very co-op focused game which takes a lot of inspiration from the game; Overcooked but instead of you cooking meals for customers in wacky locations, you are redecorating houses in wacky locations.

The game is also heavily co-op focused like Overcooked because you have to work together to decorate the house in a time frame, it really made the experience with this game even better. 
The mechanics and look of this game have taken a lot of inspiration from games like Gang Beast and Overcooked in terms of the movement of the characters you play as and the way you control them.
In Tools up, you are doing up different houses in an allotted amount of time by doing tasks like papering the walls moving out belongings and painting the floors. This game isn't very enjoyable playing alone, so make sure you play with someone as it's a bit boring playing it by yourself as there isn't a massive amount of stuff to do within the game but playing with a friend does make it a worthy experience like Gang Beast did. 
I really liked the concept of this game, you're a decorator with other people doing up a house. It's such a simple concept and is somehow really fun. It's taken a lot of inspiration from Overcooked which also had such a simple concept and still was a fun game. I also liked how its a couch co-op game as there isn't enough of these games out there. I am hoping this game is successful enough for the developers; The Knights of Unity to make more games like this one with other jobs and making a genre as these type of games are very enjoyable when playing with friends and strengthens friendships as you work together. 
The gameplay isn't as smooth as I would have liked with some mechanics being a bit clunky in places. For example, I think the way you change the camera around is slightly annoying and could be a lot smoother. When I first played the game it's not a big thing but after a while of playing and the levels getting harder it gets slightly more frustrating. This is disappointing because with friends this game is enjoyable especially if you're a fan of Overcooked. 
I was surprised with certain details in the game that made me hate the game sometimes but made me like it as well, an example of this would be the paint. Yes, I hated the paint due to the fact that I kept knocking it over and then slipping in it! It is a very small detail which made the game a little funnier, annoying and enjoyable at the same time. 
Tools up is an enjoyable game but only when playing it with others. It's dedicated to co-op play and that isn't a bad thing.

Tools up has taken a lot of inspiration from past games like Overcooked and Gang Beasts although not really improving on the formula but expanding it to a different location of a house and that is a great concept which has made the game fresh and really enjoyable.

The game should be played with other people though as it does get boring if playing alone because there isn't enough to do by yourself. Even though that isn't a bad thing for people who rather playing games by themselves it will definitely be a reason not to get this game but I do recommend Tools up if you are looking for a game to play with other as it is very enjoyable.

Ratings Explained
ICE COOL (Great Game Recommended)
MELTING (Recommended with reservations, one to consider if you are a fan of the genre)
MELTED (Not A Recommended Purchase)

Title - Tools up 
Developer Name -  The Knights of Unity
Format - PS4
Price - £15.99

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