⚔️ Numskull Games to Publish Pixelated Hack n’ Slasher Battle Axe ⚔️ @NumskullGames @Toadsanime #IndieGames #GameDev #Kickstarter

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You may not have heard of Henk Neiborg but you will probably be familiar with the titles that the veteran artist has turned his hand to – Lionheart, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, Contra 4, Shakedown: Hawaii and Xeno Crisis – You’ll notice that these games are, as the ancient Persians used to say, ‘very good’ (especially Shakedown: Hawaii, which was one of my top games of last year, funny and gorgeous to boot, cheers Henk).

A passion project for Henk, Battle Axe is a top-down title inspired not only by arcade stalwart Gauntlet but also by Golden Axe, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara and Knights of The Round, these touchstones makes me feel like there’ll be a dab of adventure / RPG to the proceedings, adding a little more depth to the genre, which will spice things up nicely.

Available across all modern consoles as well as PC (not the Philips CDi, unfortunately, although my hopes are hi for an R-Zone port) the Kickstarter goal of $51,648 has already been smashed into dust by the ancient and almost mythical +25 Strength hammer, ‘Kyuth’s Destroyer of Universes’ but, with 7 days to go, you can still get involved at – 
and there are some really tasty reward tiers to sink your +8 knives of stealth into, or, to give them their full name ‘Ryfeld’s Fallacies: Collapsers of the 5th Dyasty of Goyforge’

Here at GF HQ, we love the timeless look of pixel art and I personally dance a very special and whimsical tango whenever a new local co-op game is released, so this is right up our Strasse and one that we will be keeping an eye on.  I’m already bagsying the oldest, craggiest character for myself, by the way, as long as his name is Al Clivers.

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