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Stories Untold mashes together a few different RPG sub-genres in order to create a compelling story and something gripping and unique on the Nintendo Switch.

Stories Untold has been about since 2017 and was originally released on the PC to critical acclaim. I managed to miss this game first time around but I'm glad I'm getting to play it in 2020 on my lovely Nintendo Switch.

This was a game that gripped me from the moment I picked it up until I put it down. It comes in an episodic format and each episode plays out a story and a mechanic that cleverly intertwines with the overarching plot.
I won't be shedding any light on the story as I think this game is best played blind to it all as it's part thriller, part horror and part mystery that keeps you guessing all the way through.

For me this game seems to take inspiration from many sources and styling wise it smacks of STranger Things which for me is a good thing as in my opinion you can't have too many synths and Stranger Things style fonts in a video game.

I'd also say that it draws influence from Black Mirror, Bandersnatch, X Files, Twin Peaks, Tales Of The Unexpected and the Twilight Zone but I suppose you might say, what doesn't take influence from those bastions of suspense and science fiction!

I really fell for the games clever use of old technology to make you feel confused and clever all at the same time. Everything is very deliberate and you are tasked with learning the systems through on-screen manuals and by using your own initiative and initiative.

As I worked through the 4 stories I felt myself getting wrapped up in the narrative of the game and really thinking about each chapter when I was going to sleep each night. I played one chapter per night and probably took 90 minutes per story to complete it. By the end, it was clear where the story was going and it ends with a classic piece of twisted storytelling.

I know when I game truly gets me when I start using my notepad to jot things down to remember them in order to solve a puzzle. I love that cross over from game into the real world.
This game for me is a must for any Switch owner out there who likes to think about their video games and be stimulated in different ways. The game left me to marvel at the storyline and how it all ties into the byte size episodes. It Moulds point n click into text adventure and ties that up into a thoughtful into a puzzle adventure game. You might say that the game is a video game within a game

The only section that did slightly let itself down was the one First-person section which while not great was perfectly serviceable. My main gripe though was that it was tough to select things in the first-person view.

That aside, this game is impeccable and also features a ◦ ZX Spectrum +2!

For £8.99 on the Nintendo eShop, you seriously cannot go wrong.

Right, I'm off to operate a remote control surgical drill, check some Microfiche and load up a copy of an old text adventure game on a ZX Spectrum +2

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