๐Ÿ›‹️ Moving Out | Review | X Box Series X | 9/10 | "An extremely fun and silly party game that will clearly remain installed for a long time to come" ๐Ÿ›‹️ @smgstudio #IndieGames #GameDev

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Upon seeing the trailer for Moving Out, I initially assumed it was some sort of mobile port due to the top-down viewpoint and colourful aesthetic. 

I’m VERY glad that my intuition won out and I ended up playing the game, however, as it’s an extremely fun and silly party game that will clearly remain installed for a long time to come (especially as there is imminent DLC!).

Choosing from a range of characters - all of whom control the same – you and up to three others take on the role of removal ‘experts’. Highlighted objects in each home need to be chucked carelessly on delicately and carefully placed on the removal van in each scenario within a time limit in order to get a  gold, silver or bronze achievement with bonus unlockables being given for completing certain tasks such as smashing every window or perhaps not bunging everything in a swimming pool.

As you can probably tell from the above paragraph, Moving Out is not a game that takes itself too seriously. In fact, a huge amount of the charm comes from the genuinely funny things that are dotted throughout. 

The (brief) loading screens that show business cards with puns on them (my favourite one being the ‘Complaints Tel No.’ trailing off in font size until it’s unreadable), the fact that the incidental vehicles puttering around the overworld just casually smash into each other and explode for no reason, your boss calling you before a job starts and having quirky conversations etc. these could all feel tiring and scattered but as well as being genuinely good-natured and funny, they completely match up with the visuals and jaunty music, it makes the game a joy to play.

The gameplay is also top-notch, each stage brings new challenges. You’ll start with struggling to work together to drag a sofa out without smashing vases and breaking doors but within a few stages, you’ll be working in perfect tandem, throwing corner sofas and TVs over swimming pools and down from higher floors, catching them and perfectly placing them in the heaving removal van, not a scratch on anything….or will you?

I LAUGHED playing Moving Out. The situations we found ourselves in as we desperately tried to get a fridge through a preposterously tight fit, or watching the timer tick away down to the last seconds as we desperately re-packed the entire removal van as everything was collapsing and toppling off literally had me in tears of laughter, especially finding out that Faye, my second player, had wasted minutes dragging massive tables messily across a garden that we didn’t even need.

Game Title: Moving Out

Platform Reviewed: Xbox Series X

Developer: SMG Studio

Right, I’m off to get movin’!

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