⚱️ Infinitrap: Rehamstered | Review | Xbox Series X | 8.5/10 | "fun, cute, twitchy, very addictive and extremely moreish" ⚱️ @ShadebobGames @showmemagic #GameDev #IndieGames

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Like many cool kids of a certain age, I grew up watching the adventure movies of the ’80s and this game, at least in my head, is paying homage to the greats. The plot slightly echoes the Grail Knight scene in The Last Crusade on a seemly endless loop and the main protagonist looks like Quatermain from King Solomon’s Mines; If Sharon Stone makes an appearance, I might never remove this smile from my face!  

Infinitrap is a full-on top-down platformer that delivers a wonderful sense of dry humour and the extreme frustrations of Super Meat Boy.   The game starts with our hero Ohio Jack plummeting into a cave. 

Was he pushed? Did he fall? Or is this indeed Hell?! I am sure the sarcastic skeleton(s) will have all the answers! 

Ohio Jack is on a quest to locate the Cup of Eternity. Luckily for us, Jack is ranked the World’s 2nd best adventure, but who is first?? Another of life’s unanswered questions. OJ has a moustache so is naturally brave and equipped with the standard button package of jump, slide, duck, interact and the always-on run like your life depended on it, which is handy as you spend a lot of time pegging it from zombies and the indestructible ghosts who appear when you run out of time.  I have yet to see a hamster! 

There is also no real health bar to speak of so if you put a foot wrong you are brown bread. The aim is to collect coins on your pursuit, and when death comes knocking you lose a few quid, (Happy Birthday, Sonic) and then it is curtains! Much like real life. 

Jack is hungry for fortune and glory and the three developers from Shadebob Games have not made it easy, pouring a lot of love into this game and knowing what the fans want. The idea is simple. Explore the dungeons, do not die and find the treasure before the time runs out.   Simple on paper and extremely challenging in reality. 

The dungeons of doom are brutal, and dying on the infinite booby-traps becomes almost routine. The levels are well-thought-out and beautifully designed, which will see you burn in raging lava, freeze to death on the icy landscapes, and watch your bones dissolve in a relaxing Acid bath. You will be thanking the sweet Lord for the quick respawns and the ability to use your rotting corpse as a technical bloody bridge over the treacherous terrain.   

The bounty continues.

There is an online leader board, which taunts you when you finally complete a level and totally appeals to my competitive edge and whoever RampageBunneh is, I am coming for you!  

Infinitrap also has the delicious aspect of being able to create and play user-made levels which means you will never run out of ways to die, and it WILL keep you be coming back to more. Nice touch, Shadebob. 

*Sadly, at the time of writing this the create option is not available.  When this is ready, it's a solid gold 9/10. 

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