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Is there a certain age that a game has to be considered retro?

It’s actually a little bit more complicated than that and there’s no real definitive answer or age the game has to be considered retro.

The word itself is very subjective and whenever I personally hear it, the first thing that comes to my mind is the 80s - 90s era, most probably because it has its own sense of style and pop culture and stuff that is just so different from today’s generation or even the 2000s.

Merriam Webster defines the word, retro as relating to reviving or being the styles and especially the fashions of the past fashionably nostalgic or old fashioned. 

If retro is anything, it comes from the past and is modelled after the past or invokes nostalgia. There are many new games coming that are using those 8-bit and 16-bit aesthetics, using gameplay, sounds and graphics based on older games. So, a game that comes out tomorrow can be considered retro but, in a more complicated way. 

Retro gaming has notable facts which are protected by nostalgic gaming practices - 

Realism (Optional)

When it comes to retro gaming, designers use beautiful imaginative madness. 

Risks and Experiments

Modern gamers prefer playing games with tried and true ideas but back in the day some of the best games on the market were often the ones that tried something new.

Physical Media Still Lives!

Detailed artwork on the game packaging, multi-coloured cartridges, gloriously gaudy artwork, fascinatingly detailed instructions manual, strategic playing tips, artistic aspects of the medium that speak largely of its intrinsic natures.

No Installations Needed

There was no need to install any aspect of the games on two hard drives back in the 80s and 90s era. There wasn’t even a hard drive involved at all. 

Pure Gaming Satisfaction

In the 90s era, it was a pure satisfaction when players played a difficult game in order to catch an equally satisfying sequence. 


It is tied to the notion of endings and difficulty on replayability specifically going back and attempting to run through the game again such as in the hopes of acquiring a better ending.

Cheat Codes

Multitudes of cheat codes were designed to make the gaming experience feel easier or otherwise unique.

Gameplay Focus

Less talk, more rock was the main objective behind games of the retro world exemplifying a simple focus about the gameplay itself rather than bore the player with a large amount of backstory and dialogue concerning the plot.

Pick Up and Play

Retro gaming didn't bother with big explanations. They kept it simple with the pick-up and play scenario, the combination of simple stripped-down controls and an easily approachable level of understanding.

Local Multiplayer

This above all is our reason why retro gaming was so awesome simply due to the fact that it stimulates our personal connections with each other all in the name of having a little fun.

As much as retro gaming is trending in the present, since they were out before Linux, players cannot play them easily in the present.

So, where can you play? Developers introduced an open-source project which supports those 2D pixels so that players can run the retro games from their childhood hassle-free on Linux.

What Is Unity?

This is a cross-platform video game engine, it’s used to make games with massive multiplayer servers at any given time. Although Unity was launched back in 2005, it went public in September 2020. With the help of Unity, developers can create environments, import digital assets, and add logic to them such as behaviour interactions, physics and everything else. 

According to UNITY, 50% of the new games are developed using the Unity engine. In the marketplace, the massive games aka, triple-A games are usually developed using in-house engines, which is equivalent to building your own website. But, nowadays small and independent companies, as well as big companies, rely upon ready-made engines. The two major engines, which are used by the companies are Unity and Unreal. Games like Fall Guys, Kerbal Space Programme, Hearthstone are used using Unity Engine. 

If we analyse the business model of Unity -

  • Their top customers are game developers of all sizes, including independent developers, architecture design engineering products, prototypes manufacturing and cinematic videos.

  • Anyone can use Unity for free if they generate only a hundred dollars revenue in their app. They can even generate up to a thousand dollars in their engine. But before that, customers have to pay a monthly subscription.

  • Game hosts can generate revenue from the ads too. The more people that see the ads, the more profitable it is for Unity and the host.

  • You can use the ad platform of Unity separately from any game platform too.

Why Unity?

There are many engines that developers can use to build their game ideas, and they have some sort of free versions to use, so why specifically one will choose Unity? 

  1. Unity used c-sharp languages, which is really powerful. It is continually getting supported with new versions and updates both to the language itself and the compiler performance-wise, it is very fast.

  2. Despite being marketed towards 3D dimensions, Unity added many 2D developments in their engine making retro gaming easy, and now you can make anything on the engine regardless of the perspective and pixels.

  3. You can literally develop your game using Unity on any platform, from iOS to Android, PS4, Xbox, Windows, Microsoft, Nintendo switches.

  4. The games created on Unity are already massive and growing every day. You can create complex games as well as aesthetically pleasing games in Unity.

  5. Unity has massive service lines, like Ads, Analytics, Cloud Builds, Collaborations, Certifications, Everyplay, IAP, Multiplayers, Diagnostics etc.

  6. Unity has a road map on their websites, which means you can always check what they’re currently working on, their future projects etc.


As stated above, Unity is a great platform for modern games as well as retro games. Players can easily run their games using Unity Engine and hosts can develop their new gaming ideas into reality by using Unity. 

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