๐Ÿ’บ AndaSeat Launches the Gorgeous Looking Phantom 3 Gaming Chair ๐Ÿ’บ @andaseatchair

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World-leading gaming chair brand, AndaSeat, who previously manufactured race car seats today announces the launch of its latest gaming chair -The Phantom 3

The latest addition to the AndaSeat ergonomic gaming chair range will first debut in the U.S. for $299.99 on the AndaSeat website.

The reshaped flatter seat wings on the Phantom 3 ensure a spacious and cosy seat base to deliver a comfortable experience when sitting cross-legged. 

Adding to the comfort, an ergonomic backrest nestles into the natural curvature of the back to keep those sitting in the chair at peak performance no matter how long they are sitting in it. 

Developed in DuraXtra™ Leatherette and EverSoft™ linen fabric and revolutionizing an easy assembly system, the Phantom 3 series provides a next-level sitting experience with ultimate all-day comforts.

Unlike other traditional gaming chairs, the Andaseat Phantom 3 series has a special modular MagClap design that can be assembled with ease. Just slide the backrest into the seat base, then clamp magnetic side covers on both sides. 

No difficulty assembling with screws, no damaged side covers, just one person who can finish the whole assembly process with ease. In a few minutes, the ultimate gaming chair and office chair are ready to go.

The Andaseat Phantom 3 comes in four colourways and two surface materials-- DuraXtra™ Leatherette and EverSoft™ Linen Fabric. The leatherette comes in Black, White, and Pink, featuring smooth touch, scratch resistance, and stain resistance. 

DuraXtra™ premium PVC leather is much stronger so the shape lasts. The Linen Fabric Upholstery comes in Ash and is vastly superior for breathability to avoid a sweaty back and butt. EverSoft™ is certificated for its legendary safety and durability.

The featured "comfort tech" backrest allows the user to recline from 90° to 160° with a full-mechanism backrest, and the chair can be adapted to whatever preference the user may have. 

60kg/m³Re-Dense™ Moulded Foam, a perfect combination of strength and resilience, is used to upgrade density, enhance longevity, and alleviate the problems of 'sagging' seats over time. 

Coupled with a luxurious extra-large lumbar and medium-size head pillow that supports the lower back while keeping the spine in its natural alignment, this affordable gaming chair also prevents the user from slouching while gaming or working for long hours by filling in the space between the back/neck and backrest.

Product Highlights

  • DuraXtra™ Leatherette / EverSoft™ Linen Fabric
  • Re-Dense™ Moulded Foam
  • 100% TitanSteel Framework
  • SyncTilt Backrest Recline & Lock 90-160°
  • Velvet Covered XL Lumbar Pillow and M Neck Pillow
  • Pre-installed PU Covered Armrest Up-Down
  • SGS Certified Class-4 Gas Lift

The Phantom 3 will first debut in the US and the MSRP is $299.99 on the AndaSeat website

About AndaSeat

Founded in 2007 and with a history of manufacturing racing car seats for BMW and Mercedes Benz, AndaSeat is the exclusive chair sponsor of China national football team and national volleyball team, making AndaSeat an indispensable brand in sport.

As esports has been a growing industry, AndaSeat shifted towards gaming chairs, offering players and video games industry professionals a healthy and comfortable playing experience thanks to their know-how with sports seats. AndaSeat has now become the worlds leading gaming chair supplier.

Anda Seat’s range of products is deemed and recognized by professionals of the video game industry, and they are the chair of choice for many esports teams such as Fnatic, LGD, Navi Esports, Victorious Gaming, Victory Five and OMG. We’ve also collaborated with EXCEL, Chief, Buriram United Esport, WLGaming Esports, Marvel, Ubisoft and Hasbro etc.

For more info about AndaSeat please visit www.andaseat.com

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