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Lock on | Volume 002 | Q4 2021

Curl up on the sofa with this luxurious gaming journal as the Lost In Cult guys bring us another issue of this beautiful Lock On bookazine. After being blown away by the first instalment back in August 2021 I was sent the next piece of the Lock On story just before Christmas and have been working my way through the glorious writing and wonderful artwork over the last few weeks.

I’m glad to report to you that the journal is still delivering on all its early promise and vitally has retained that beautiful new paper smell that fell in love with in Issue 1!


When we take a look at the cover art for this volume you will be blown away by the beauty of the Hollow Knight inspired artwork that adorns the front and inner pages. My wife remarked on how beautiful it was when she first saw it and she actually thought it was a Christmas present for her that I'd accidentally left out! 

The artwork continues to be stunning throughout with some beautiful pieces inspired by Ratchet & Clank, Katamari Damacy, Resident Evil, Disco Elysium, NieR, Jak & Daxter and many others. This consistently stunning artwork backed up by meaningful writing on the video gaming subjects contained within Lock On gives it consistent credibility and gravitas as you read through the various essays contained within this piece of great gaming journalism.

My personal favourite essay was a fantastic piece written by Jimmy Bowers on Cyberpunk 2077 where he takes a retrospective look at the game and how it did and also did not live up to the hype and excitement with its use of player choice and influence being pared down. It was interesting as when I look back on my time with Cyberpunk 2077 I found that the surface was amazing but when you go one layer deep and realise that all the machinations within the game world were actually all window dressing and very much superfluous to the overall experience within the game. I found it interesting to see someone else's experience of this being put forward with interesting and considered points

I think that article sums up the general approach to how these essays are pieced together. The writing avoids sensationalism and favours the use of considered arguments and therefore sidestepped the clamouring gamer mob of outrage when things aren’t exactly how they want them. I very much like this approach to games journalism and again I can highly recommend Volume 002 to anyone who feels the same about how they consume their own slices of video games writing.

Please keep an eye out for news for Volume 003 from the Lost In Cult team and also consider supporting their work via the Discord community (volume 003 artwork will be inspired by Sable)

Lost In Cult Discord: discord.gg/JQuezeXgJe

Lost In Cult Website: https://t.co/RVD7jeT9GP


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