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There are several recommendations in FIFA 23 that affect everything from shooting to dribbling. Surprisingly, unless a new agreement is struck, this will be the last FIFA game produced in partnership with EA.

The venerable football series seems to want to go out on top by including real next-gen features that should greatly improve gameplay.

It's time to adjust and start practising with FIFA 23's many new features and improvements. 

Even if you are a FIFA legend, you will need to refresh your memory on the fundamentals because classics like penalties and corners have all changed. We've put up a list of four crucial FIFA 23-pointers to assist you in getting back into the game.

You may find tips to help you dribble more effectively, get used to the next-generation games' faster pace and more. Here are five FIFA 23 tips to help you become a better player. Here are a few tips to help you get better at FIFA 23.

1. Mind Your Strategies And Groupings

Regardless of whether you're playing Career Mode or Ultimate Team, formations and tactics are essential. We advise modifying the four default approaches assigned to the left and right d-pad buttons, even if you like to keep things as informal as possible.

Keep Ultra Defense and Ultra Attacking nearby for when you're up and behind, respectively, in case you need to make a quick offensive push in the last ten minutes of play.

Use both defensive and offensive strategies to research the opposing squad. If they are successfully gaining possession of the ball and initiating runs, use defence. Attack if it looks like they have a wall behind them. It's best to look at what other players are using on YouTube when it comes to Formations. This little expenditure at the beginning of your FIFA 23 career will end up being quite profitable.

Additionally, protect and shield the ball. Early on in FIFA 23, you'll learn how to cover and defend the ball, but as you advance, many players forget this technique. To crouch over the ball and face the defenders, hold LT/L2. This works especially well when winning the ball in the air and on the initial touch. The shield will regularly travel closer to your player with even a light tap, making it easier to hold onto.

In typical possession, the ball's protection is also crucial. If you're losing, check your possession stats. It's likely that you frequently lose the ball in the centre. To get this thing rolling, slow down, take a few deep breaths, and make some passes. As your players make runs and your opponent's tackle gets more intense, holding the ball will inevitably result in opportunities at goal.

2. Use Your Set Pieces To Their Full Potential

Because of the significant changes to set pieces in FIFA 23, I believe you should take greater care while taking corners and free kicks. Free kicks are more challenging to score this year, as the controls have been simplified and your shooting options have been constrained. Instead, opt for the quick pass and rely on crossing to score.

Adding a second player is your greatest option when it comes to corners.

Penalties are a very different matter. Simply concentrate on nailing your shot while the reticule is green, as long as you cannot possibly miss it. Anywhere you want, aiming much at it depends on luck, just as in real life.

3. Training Is Important

You should make use of your training days when playing in Career Mode. You will start out with a score and grade that are both empty. Simulating now will result in the lowest grade and score attainable, making it mostly useless.

Each training exercise should be performed at least once. Aim for a grade of B or above as you move through them, and make sure you have enough FIFA 23 coins.

You'll eventually see that the exercises you have access to already have acceptable ratings. Simulating now yields noticeably higher marks, improving player focus.

With only a fairly small-time investment, this might have a big impact. Scores from drills are also carried over from one season to the next.

4. Keep A Strong Back-Line

With FIFA 23, the defence has become more efficient and important than it ever has been. As a result, you will be required to manually manage your defences, which may result in a wide range of complications. The shape of your back-line is the single most important factor that you should always keep in mind.

Never engage in a tackle with your defenders unless it is absolutely necessary. Instead, maintain your defensive line and make use of your midfielders to advance in a more direct manner.

When you start moving the defenders out of position, you give the other team more space to move around. You should wait for them to make the first contact while you keep your composure and try to calm down.

When an attacking player is running in on your line, the most effective course of action, nine times out of ten, is to keep your line in good condition.

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