πŸ“Ί Old Video Game TV Commercials Are Awesome! πŸ“Ί #Retrogaming

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Whilst reading Ready Player One yesterday I daydreamed about having my own TV Channel full of old TV Adverts for video games and consoles. My overriding memories of those times were the endless adverts for consoles and computers that I didn't have a chance to own, making the adverts even more appealing and entertaining. 

I would stare goggle-eyed at the TV as the latest advert for a Nintendo game would flash up or maybe an advert for a SEGA Mega Drive game that I couldn't play. We were so starved of Video Games on TV back then that any 30-second clip of a video game was like mana from heaven and we would all talk about the latest TV ad in the playground the next day as we fantasised about owning the game or the console when our birthdays and Christmas rolled around.

After drifting off to those 80s and 90s adverts I then realised that I could actually have my own TV channel which contains nothing but old video game TV ads and that the GF YouTube Channel could be the home for this very special playlist that I will curate over the course of time as I stumble across the old tv ads from years gone bye.

So here are the first few adverts that I have dropped onto the channel and keep an eye open for more where they came from.

Make it easier for yourself by Subscribing to our YouTube Channel to keep up to date with all the new (old) TV ads as I upload them to the channel...

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