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Twenty Years of The OneUps (Troggo Studio) Vinyl Review "Here’s to the next twenty years!" πŸ’Ώ @TheOneUpsBand @Mustin #Vinyl #VideoGameVinyl #VGMvinyl

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The third release that we’ve covered here at GF from Troggo Studio, following Lifestream and MES: Contigo en la Distancia Social – both great records – and this time around, the focus moves away from prog-rock VGM and mariachi to smooth jazz with space left for jam sessions and the occasional dip into more ambient work…which is absolutely, completely and utterly fine. These long, dark nights suit the genre of smooth jazz perfectly, and The OneUps really know how to roll. this was my first exposure to the group, a band that has been around – as the title of the album attests – for twenty years.

Having released many volumes on CD, this is the band’s first vinyl release and has been curated to showcase a track from each previously released CD volume, giving a year-on-year account of how the members and sound have evolved through the life of the band. 

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