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☆ "Gamer Geek Girl Is The Undisputed Chun Li Queen Of Street Fighter 2" ☆ #retrogaming #PS4 #GamersUnite

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"Chun Li Looks Good For 48 Years Old!!"

When you come across the amount of awesome people I do within the video games community you tend to want to know their background and how they originally got into video gaming.

My favourite stories from people are the ones where they reminisce about early video games memories as I just love to wallow in the nostalgia of being blown away by a NES, SNES or SEGA Mega Drive.

To me and a whole generation of awesome dudes and dudettes these were the formative years of our love affair with video games.

Today I would like to introduce you all the Bethany who is the latest member of the Games Freezer family.

Bethany has agreed to share with us all her video games life story so far and I know a lot of this will bring smiles to all those people who were 80's & 90's kids....
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