🍳 The Drisk Talks Ant Attack, Outrun and Triple Fried Egg Chilli Chutney Sandwiches - Video Games Memories 🍳 @TheDrisk

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It's my pleasure to have The Drisk in the Games Freezer for Video Games Memories.

The Drisk is an encyclopedia of all video games knowledge and someone I have enjoyed listening to for the last 3 years.

I first became aware of The Drisk when I began listening to the Retro Asylum podcast as The Drisk was a regular on the show at the time.

Now let's delve a bit deeper into the Video Games Nostalgia gland of the almighty Drisk!

1. What's your earliest video gaming memory?

Oh crumbs, erm I have very vague memories Interton VC 4000 which was a knock-off version of an Atari VCS (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VC_4000).

But the first game I have massive memories of was the Hobbit, Ant Attack and Bear Bovver on the Spectrum.

For the text adventure Hobbit released in 1982 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f3PFfK-9Gk) I remember sitting with my parents as a family on the main TV with my dad typing the commands and asking us all what we wanted to do.

It seemed a fantasy world full of limitless possibilities.

Ant Attack released in 1983 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkCLit8Hs9A) I remember me and my cousin were blown away by the 3D graphics, and for my cousin, Caroline being able to choose to be a girl in a game was huge for her.

To be honest though, after a while we never played the game properly, instead our game was to take the person we were supposed to be rescuing and make them die in the most horrific way (usually by going to the highest part of the city and encouraging them to jump into the monster ants below.)
Bear Bovver released in 1983 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdFS3gmKjZ4) was made by John Ritman and a brilliant Burger Time variant.    I still remember going to the video rental store (who also sold some games) and seeing the iconic box art of the bear climbing the ladder and instantly falling in love with it feeling it was a finally a game made for me.  If I remember rightly I still had some of my saved pocket money and so bought this myself and my Dad bought Transylvania Tower (http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0005384) at the same time.
2. What was the first video game console that you owned?

As I mentioned, as a family we had the Interton VC 4000 and the Spectrum 48K.  But the first system that was completely mine was the Spectrum +2.   

I remember I got it for my birthday and it was the Dixon pack that came chock full with loads of games … Screen Heroes compilation (http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0011348), Konami Coin-Op Hits (http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0011294) and the 128 – 4 Pack (http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0012327).  

There are so many great games included in that pack although a particular obscure favourite was the game Colin the Cleaner.  This was a Harry S. Price rip off of another game and was a puzzle platformer, where you had to pick up all the rubbish in the museum before it opens.
I have so many happy memories of being on holiday in the Isle of White when they gave me my Spectrum and rushing out with all my Birthday money to buy even more games with my birthday money.  

With my birthday money, I bought Outrun (https://youtu.be/JFa8YRlfdV0) and Trantor: The Last Storm Trooper (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IsL2uIFdZM).   

I remember putting on Outrun with the included audio tape playing and convincing myself it was just like the arcade!
3. How did you get into the retro gaming scene on Twitter?
It began with my YouTube channel years ago (https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDrisk).  

I really wanted to create well-researched videos on video game history.

Then I went to my first Play Expo in Blackpool event and met Andy Godoy and the retro community.  

It was amazing, to finally meet likeminded people who share my love of retro gaming and I knew I wanted to be part of it.  
4. What's your favourite video game of all time?


I know it’s an obvious choice, but the first time I saw this game I forever fell in love with gaming.
5. What's your favourite console of all time?
For console, it has to be the Saturn. An amazing library of shooters, fighters and arcade racers.  Plus it gave me an arcade perfect version of Outrun.   

But if you mean any gaming system, then it has to be my Amiga, so many games so special to me growing up (Speedball 2, Syndicate, Lotus 2).
6. What’s your favourite arcade game of all time?
Still Outrun! I'm also a big fan of Outrun 2 Special Edition.
7. What’s your favourite sandwich?
Triple fried-egg chilli chutney sandwich.  Yes, I am a huge Red Dwarf fan.
8. What's your favourite cuisine?

Italian food. Puttanesca
9. What's your favourite alcoholic drink?

Old Fashioned cocktail.
10. What current generation video games do you play?

I mostly play indie games on Steam or GOG these days.

Right now it’s Horizon Chase Turbo (which a Lotus 2 like game and even has music by Barry Leitch).   

I am also playing Crossing Souls, which is an amazing Zelda like game, that mixes in Stranger Things and 80’s Saturday cartoons.
11. Who's your fave person to follow on Twitter?
I love everyone I follow on Twitter. How can I possibly choose?
12. What's your favourite video game genre?
Arcade Racer is definitely my favourite. But 2D shooters, platforms and Adventure games are a very close second.
13. If you were a console, which one would you be and why?

Spectrum 48K. Small,scrappy and quintessentially British.
14. Can you recommend a good retro gaming shop?

Ok, can I cheat and name two? 

Nick’s Vintage Gamer from Halesowen (https://www.facebook.com/Vintage-Gamer-494038210652854/) is an amazing shop with so many unique items and the owner is the coolest guy ever.   

The other shop I love is Game Smart in Yardley  (https://www.facebook.com/GameSmartYardley/).  This place is walking distance for me and the owner Martin is such a lovely guy and he often gets really cool items in.
15. If you were going to do a Cosplay tomorrow, what would it be and why?
Segata Sanshiro from the Japanese Sega Saturn (https://youtu.be/gc3AK8k90xw)

Everything I love about SEGA and their craziness.
16. We love your awesome podcast appearances, where can people hear your dulcet tones nowadays?

I am on the fortnightly show the RGDS Podcast (http://retrogamingdailyshow.libsyn.com/)  it’s a great podcast full of brilliant and very knowledgeable hosts.

One of the key episodes we are covering is the Best game of the year series.

In each of these episodes, we battle out between us the best game of that year.

There is a stack of other great episodes we cover as well, covering a wide range of retro topics, so there is definitely something for everyone."

A Massive Thank You To The Drisk For Taking Part In Video Games Memories!

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