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Those early days of Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo were a delight.

No one had seen a video game like it and no one could believe how great the game was on the mighty Super Nintendo.

Digging beneath the surface of this giant of the SNES world would lead you to a game with longevity that wasn’t weeks it was years and even decades as I still return to Super Mario Kart 26 years later.

The game of Super Mario Kart has given me some of my favourite multiplayer sessions in video games and can only really be rivalled by my love of PES 4 and how these games can get a group of mates to laugh and shout together whether you are playing or watching.

Super Mario Kart has some kind of magic contained within that cartridge that you just can’t put your finger and it’s something that I believe that no future reiteration of Mario Kart has ever captured fully again. Some have come close but never quite the same as the original boss of the karting genre.
It was during the early years of Super Mario Kart that me and my closest friends would gather at my friend Paul’s house to play SMK. We were all about 12 years old and video games were our 2nd favourite activity (2nd only to football in the park). As the 4 of us would gather in Paul’s back room where the SNES lived we would all check the poster on the wall that we had created which showed our current standings in the Super Mario Kart Battle Mode League.

Yes, that’s right, we had created our very own regular Battle Mode League complete with points for a win and a concept known as Balloon difference where you were awarded points for having more balloons left after winning. I have to admit this idea was collective genius on our behalf and meant that Battle Mode wasn’t just about winning. It was about keeping those precious balloons intact at the same time.

The thing was that we were all so good at Battle Mode and SMK in general that every battle was epic and tactical. Victory was sweet and a loss was crushing, especially when that win manifested itself into 3 points gained and x balloon difference chalked up on the physical league table on Paul’s wall!

In my opinion the Battle mode from this Mario Kart game has never been bettered and sometimes even completely missed out in future iterations. It was literally a moment in time that I miss so dearly as I know it will never be the same but if I could go back in time to a video game moment that was perfect for me this would be it for me. Mates enjoying a game that was perfect and creating their own twist on the way it is played out….PERFECT

Which Moment In Video Games Is Your Perfect Moment?

Let me know in the comments box below.


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