Games Freezer - Film Of The Day - "The Space Invaders" In Search Of Lost Time

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If you LOVE Arcade Games you will LOVE this film!

The rise and fall of the Video Games Arcades in the 80's is a sad story that saw almost all of the great Arcade machines disappear from our high streets and shops only to be consigned to history and looked back on with fondness.

It's rare in the UK to see Arcade machines outside of the seaside town Amusement arcades nowadays and we at Games Freezer* do miss the Arcade machine in the local Fish & Chip shop that would gobble our 20p while we waited for our Cod & Chips to be cooked.

"The Space Invaders" is a documentary that looks at the fall of the Arcade industry and in particular talks to those enthusiasts who are looking to keep the Arcades alive by collecting cabinets and building their own Arcades in their homes.

It's a great insight into the Arcade Machine collectors culture and a really well told story from director Jeff Von Ward that brings alive the passion these guys have for the Arcade Cabinets.

Check out the link below to find out more and support this great documentary.

The Space Invaders

Once you have watched it let us know what you thought of it?


It made us want to build our very own GamesFreezer* Arcade in London!


If we built it......would you come along?

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