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We were intrigued by Game Pix after discovering the website on our usual trawl of The Video Games world on Twitter.

GamePix was created to enhance the concept of online gaming experience. You get to "Create your avatar" "Play Games" "Conquer the world" and hopefully "Become The KING!"

We liked the idea of this, so gave it a try!

So.....How does it work?

First steps are to create an avatar. Naturally we opted for a pretty female gamer chick type Avatar called GamesFreezer. 

We got to style her body (curves), hair (brunette), brows (cute), eyes (green), Nose (button), mouth (happy), ears (small) and clothes (ravishing!).

Once this was complete and we'd stopped ogling her we then got an explanation of how the game works.

Basically, Game Pix is all about conquering the real world map Pixel By Pixel. 

If you find a free Pixel you can conquer it immediately for the price of 20EP (we conquered Essex without a hint of a fight!). 

If you find a particular location / Pixel that you really want to conquer is already taken, then you can fight it out with the owner of that Pixel in a FIGHT TO THE DEATH! 

You Avatar's abilities will be matched up against whoever you challenge and then both combatents will go head to head in a fight for the Pixel in question. The winner will then own that Pixel.

In order to boost your Avatar's stats you get the opportunity to play free games in the "Gym". 

These games will go towards boosting your skills and getting you to a level whereby you can confidently challenge others for their pixel.

There are over 10000 Free Games to choose from so you are truly spoilt for choice! The Games you play, the stronger you become.

The ultimate aim is to challenge others, conquer the world and become king of your country!

We have just started out with our buxom heroine and will update you on progress as we begin to take over our territory.

First Impressions of this novel concept are good. We like the user interface and the styling of the hub etc.

We got then opportunity to play Coaster Racer 3 with its oasis style guitar music and we really enjoyed it. Its a simple racer but really enjoyable as you tear it up round corners overtaking and earning achievements and points for your avatar!

Overall we will most definitely be returning to Game Pix in order to take over the world PIXEL BY PIXEL!

Check it out and sign up at Game Pix and look for GamesFreezer!

Also follow Game Pix on Twitter  @GamePix

What's your favourite of the 10,000 games on offer in Game Pix?

Do you like the concept of Game Pix?

Richard from the GamePix Hot Seat

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