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The Very Cool Joystick Journal Styling

As you all know, the GamesFreezer loves discovering a new website and todays website of the day is "JOYSTICK JOURNAL"

We fell in love with this website immediately due to the cool retro styling of the homepage.

Check out the Retro looking Joystick on the website banner, thats the kind of thing that floats our boat here at GamesFreezer!

When you start to explore the articles on Joystick Journal you will find a whole set of well written thoughts on various aspects of gaming from past to present.

We like Joystick Journal's style and that's why it's our GamesFreezer Website of the day!


Head on over to Joystick Journal via the link below


Also don't forget to follow Joystick Journal on Twitter @JoystickJournal

Let us know what you think of Joystick Journal?

Tell us some of the cool websites you have discovered and we will try and feature them in the GamesFreezer

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