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They can make or break a console or computer.......they are the part of u do when everything you play a game.......they become part of you, almost a 5th limb.....some of them even give you BLISTERS!

They are Joy Pads & Joysticks. The Video Gamers very own tool of choice that are used to interact with our favourite medium.

We have gone through the Joy Pads and Joysticks from years gone by in order to give you our Top 5 most Iconic ones.

These are the ones that are almost as famous as the console or computer that they belonged to and brought JOY to Generations of gamers worldwide.

So Lets get cracking with our first stick of JOY!

5. The Atari 2600 "Classic"

This Joystick is the ultimate in simplicity and design but it truly is the Joystick of the earliest gaming generations from 1977 to 1986.

When you think Atari , you think of this Joystick. 

A true Classic and a cracking one to start our Top 5 with!

4. The NES "Control Pad"

The Nintendo Entertainment System introduced the world to the JOY PAD and boy did it bring JOY!

Although not very ergonomic in its design we think it more than makes up for that with it's unique character.

The NES Joy Pad had 4...YES 4! Count 'em .... Buttons!

As well as a nifty multi directional "D Pad"

We know that the NES was the system that turned Videogaming on its head again after the crash of 1983 and the humble NES Joy Pad played a big part in that.

(funny how no one mentions the NES Robot (R.O.B) anymore)

3. Playstion 2 "DualShock"
The PS1 got the ball rolling on this one when the original grey controllers were designed truly with the player's grip in mind.

When the PS2 was released we got a whole new ball game of a Joy Pad.

It had the 2 Analog Sticks for a start which were revolutionary at the time and now are standard across the two big systems of today.

The Dualshock's main unique selling point was the fact that it had two motors inside which gave it the vibration capability in order that you could get feedback from the in game action......Very COOL!

2. Megadrive / Genesis "Batarang"
Playing on this Joy Pad after playing on the NES pad was like heaven on your hands as your mitts really fitted nicely into this great design.

With 3 active buttons in close proximity to each other it was a dream to use.

It also looks very cool just like a "Batarang" from Batman which made it's playground appeal even more!

This pad reminds us of hours spent on Mega Bomberman & Earthworm Jim so has a lofty second position in our Top 5 countdown and rightly so!

So.......who comes in at Number 1?

For us there could only ever be one winner.......A Joy Pad that was so comfortable to play with, it was tough to even put it down.....this was the BEST joy Pad to play Street Fighter II with as it was a Joy to pull out a Dragon Punch with....

1. Super Nintendo "6 Button Joypad"
Just look at this beauty....it's a JOY TO BEHOLD

Pictured is the "Parma Violet" U.S Version. Just look at how this baby is moulded for pure gaming comfort.

You can't see it from this pic, but the shoulder buttons are nestled nicely on top of the pad, ready to send out a heavy kick or punch in SFII or a Powerslide in Mario Kart.

For us this was the pinnacle of Videogaming control.

6 Buttons was just enough to be able to remember what each one is programmed to do and to hold it was to be totally in control.......



What Joystick did you love?

Which Joy Pad could never be parted from your hand?

Let us know what classic controller you think we should have included!

Richard - In The *FREEZER* Clutching his SNES Joypad

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