Games Freezer - Help Launch The First Video Game Arcade Bar In London! @Retro_Game_Base #RetroGaming

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Video Game Arcade Bar - Retro Game Base 

Picture this, you've had a hard day at work and want to unwind with a pint of your favourite tipple, so where do you head?

Do you go to:

A) The pub near work full of suits and no atmosphere?


B) The Local Arcade Bar full of Retro Arcade Games  and lovely cool refreshing pints of the good stuff?

We choose B!!

Just one problem though.......B doesn't exist in London......YET!

The good folk at Retro Game Base are trying to launch a fantastic concept bar over here in the UK and specifically in London , the Video Game Arcade Bar

What better mix than Arcade Games, Beer and Cool Music??!! 

At the moment the guys (&girl) from Retro Game Base , run the ONLY Retro Gaming shop in London!

So why not help them to start up the first and only Video Game Arcade Bar in London?

Check out their Crowd Sourcing Page for some really cool investment rewards!

As of today (18/07/13) they only have 3 days left to raise the required £5000.

Currently the running total is at £1321 so they really need a massive final push to really make this dream happen!

So Retro Gaming People, lets use the Power Of The Freezer and start donating!

How do you like the sound of a Video Game Arcade Bar? 

What would you call your Video Game Arcade Bar?

(We'd call ours THE GAMES FREEZER!)

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