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Dream Commodore Amiga Setup....


We love the smell of Retro Gaming in the morning..........

That's exactly the smell we encountered when we discovered this gem of a website! www.realityglitch.com

Being massive Commodore Amiga fans here in The Freezer we just love the banner on this site. 

It's a picture of a Cool "Amiga 500" on a desk with Sensible Software's legendary Cannon Fodder loaded up ready to play.

That picture sets the tone for "Reality Glitch" with the opening line underneath that reads "Welcome To The World Of Yesterday!"

Now onto what this piece of website retro gaming goodness has to offer.........

A large chunk of Reality Glitches' articles are Amiga related, which we absolutely can't get enough of!

For example we got really excited in one of the articles where the talk is all about "Favourite Amiga Demo Disks" 

As we read on we found that one of our all time demo disc Amiga mashups is mentioned! "CANNON SOCCER"

Great Stuff! We Love it! 

Also within the Amiga articles, we found a really good piece on The Bitmap Brothers

Sifting through the site we also found some great articles on Arcade Gaming which included a review of one of our fave Arcade Games of all time "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"


Overall, we spent a good couple of hours reading some of the cool articles on Reality Glitch and we cant wait for the next installement!

Reality Glitch - It's time for you to GET IN THE FREEZER as our WEBSITE OF THE DAY! 

Take a look at Reality Glitch today and let us know if it got your retro juices flowing?

(It Certainly got our ice melting!)

Richard from the melting ice of Londinium

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