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The RetroN5 Makes Us Go Weak At The Knees!

The RetroN5 from Hyperkin really excites us......It makes us want to go and get every cartridge we had as kids and play them all again 

(something we often dream about in the *Freezer*)

But Will This Beauty Ever Get A UK Release??!!
We can't wait for the release of this Retro Gaming behemoth.

We see it as being a true game changer in the Retro Gaming World.

This beauty can play the games of NINE different systems, now that's pretty impressive. 

Dont get us wrong, there's nothing like playing the original games using the original native systems, but when space and plug sockets don't allow this, then surely this has to be the next best thing

When you are presented with the opportunity to play Megadrive / Genesis , NES / Famicon, SNES / Super Famicom AND ALL THE GAMEBOYS on one machine, who wouldn't be impressed by that?

Although some people are never pleased and we have heard comments such as "Where's the support for GameGear?" etc etc 

Not only can you play Retro Videogames as they were meant to be played you can also play them in HD!!

Yes the RetroN5 has HD support......pretty remarkable really!

This little beauty is most definitely going to be purchased by The Games Freezer Team just as soon as it gets a release and for the life of us we can't find a release date anywhere!

In the meantime take a look at these Engadget articles to whet your appetite good and proper.......

RetroN5......we want you to GET IN THE *FREEZER* !!

Does the RetroN5 get your Retro Gaming head in whirl? Let us know if you plan on buying this bad boy? What games would you pick up and play? 

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