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RacketBoy Loves An 8 Bit Cartridge and so do WE!

We here at Games Freezer like nothing more than to peruse the various RetroGaming websites that are on offer in the Retro Gaming Webisphere.....

Every now and again there is one website that you come across that grabs you with it's quality of writing and displays a genuine passion for its subject matter.

That's exactly what is evident when you start delving into RetroGaming with RacketBoy.

This site is jam packed with great articles on all things RetroGaming. We lost a good hour just searching through all the cool articles. 

One article really grabbed us more than any others and that was "Why I Am A Retro Gamer"

Take a read of this article and have a look round Racket Boy's Cool site NOW!

Let us know what you think of RetroGaming with RacketBoy!

Let us know of any other Cool Videogames sites we should feature on Games Freezer!

By Richard.....Stuck in The Freezer with just a typewriter and a copy of Issue 6 Of Mean Machines

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