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The arcade games from the past that tend to stick in the minds of all of us at Games Freezer* are the quoteable ones.

Its not unusual to hear "Power Up!" or "Haduken!" ring round the Games Freezer office as we go about our daily gaming business!

It got us thinking about the best example of the most quoteable games over the years.
We had a think and compiled some of the coolest Quoteable retro Arcade games that we still quote to this day.
So without further ado cast your eyes over our Top 5 and "Get Over Here!" 

5. Altered Beast - "POWER UP!"

Growing up in the 80's all the Arcades in the UK were awash with Altered Beast machines just screaming out "Power UP!" "Rise From Your Grave!" or even "Welcome To Your Doom!"

At the time this game was one of our fave coin swallowing Arcade Cabinets. 
Upon starting the first level you would hear what was supposed to be Zeus summoning you to "Rise From Your Grave!", from that moment on you would hack your way through each level of the minions of "Neff" the DEM0N G0D!

As you managed to work your way through each level you would collect the "Spirit Balls" and as you did so you would hear the reassuring cry of "Power Up!" as your puny Centurion would transform into a muscular warrior or even some kind of humanoid beast.

As you reached each end of Level boss which consisted of many forms of "Neff" you would hear "Welcome To Your Doom!" ring out in your ears as Neff transformed into some kind of ugly mutated boss of some variety. 

Nowadays when we look back, this game seems very simplistic in its gameplay which consists of Punch, Kick and Jump your way through a side scrolling Beat Em Up, but again this Top 5 is all about the quotes, so...... Altered Beast, "Welcome To The Freezer!"

4.Dragon Ninja - "Wacca Wacca Wacca!"

Also known as Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja this game was an absolute beaut of a game that takes us right back to our local video store that had two Arcade Cabinets, one being Golden Axe and the other being Dragon Ninja. From the moment you put your first credit in and pressed 1p Start you were presented with a great opening screen that read:

"Rampant Ninja Related Crimes These Days....White House is Not The Exception...."

Then it followed it up with a call to arms that makes us smile which read:

"President RONNIE has been kidnapped by the NINJAS......."


What a great opening gambit!

You then take to the mean streets and trains and sewers in order to Rescue The President, kicking and punching your way through waves of Dragon Ninja until you come across a Ninja that we refer to as:

"The Wacca Wacca Man"

Wacca Wacca Wacca Man stands on screen, crosses his arms across his chest and then utters something that sounds like "Wacca Wacca Wacca" and then multiplies himself by 10! He's a tough nut to beat and kind of irritating! 

A memorable occasion took place once when Mr Wacca got stuck on the edge of the screen and continually uttered Wacca Wacca Wacca whilst multiplying at a rate of knots! To say this caused hilarity aswell as on screen carnage would be an understatement! 

Hence from that moment forward "Wacca Wacca Wacca" and Dragon Ninja would never be forgotten!

(As I write this I am uttering Wacca Wacca Wacca with my arms ready to go across my chest!)

3. Final Fight - "Oh My Car!"

So, Mike Haggar's daughter Jessica has been kidnapped and it's down to Mike, Cody and good old Guy to get her back from the Mad Gear Gang!

The Arcade classic Final Fight sees you attempt to battle your way through more bad guys than you can shake a stick at as you trawl the streets and subways for Haggar's daughter.

The classic quote moment comes in the form of a BONUS stage that sees you try to smash a car up within the on screen time limit.

If you are successful you are treated to the "OH MY CAR!" moment that makes us chuckle every time to this day. Check out how the owner of the car drops to his knees and sobs, very comical and something we use whenever something comically bad happens in the Games Freezer Office.

Such a legendary Bonus Stage that it was, it was also included in the Super Street Fighter IV game with an even better "Oh My Car!" moment.

Take a peek at the Final Fight video and the Super Street Fighter IV video to see which one you think is the best! 

 Super Street Fighter IV - BONUS Stage

Final Fight - BONUS Stage
2. T.M.H.T - "Say Your Prayers Toitles!"

Evil old Shredder has kidnapped the helpless TV Reporter and friend of the Turtles April O'neill.

So the Turtles club together with a cry of "Cowabunga!" to go and rescue April from Shreds' evil clutches.

In the Deluxe Version of the classic arcade game, you could quadruple the fun by having 4 player mayhem! Absolutely Brilliant times ensued.

Our quoteable moment comes at the end of the first stage when you get the opportunity to fight Beebop (or Rocksteady?) and he comes out with the classic line

"Say Your Prayers TOITLES!" <in a Chicago / Wise Guy Accent>

1. Street Fighter II,III & IV - "HADUKEN!"

For us this game was the ultimate Arcade Machine that drew the crowds and made us part with more cash than we would like to remember.

For the ultimate Arcade Machine, it also had its own language.

The phrases that we all know from The Streetfighter Series are now ingrained in modern culture.

A game that has such a deep effect on mainstream language surely is the most quoteable arcade game of all time.

Think of the amount of times you have shouted "Haduken!" at a friend as you put your wrists together and pretend to make a a fireball come out of your palms (or is that just us?!)

Or what about the debates about exactly what Ken or Ryu are saying as they perform a Hurricane Kick, something like "Shadda_dyke_dak_pervick!" (or something like that!)

Then there's the various other classics such as "ShoRyuKen!"

Or "Yoga Flame" / "Yoga Fire!"

Or "Tiger Uppercut!!"

Or Even "Spinning Bird Kick!"

These classic phrases are repeated by us daily even 20+ years after the release of Street Fighter 2!

Why not go up to your partner right now and give them a friendly Haduken!?! 

They will thank you for it trust us......

We would love to hear some of the classic phrases you recall from some of your favourite 

Arcade or Video Games......

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"Richard reporting from the Mean Streets of Arcade Land"

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