☆ 2016 -The PS4 Diaries Part 12 "One Game That Was Never On My Radar" ☆ #PS4 #GamersUnite

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After finishing up with Hotline Miami on my beloved PS4 I was eager to carry on my run of video gaming goodness by picking up my next title to fill the void left by the mayhem of Hotline and it's brutality.

My usual route for video game decision making is to refer to my list of games on my iPhone that I want to buy. On that list I try to avoid the obvious titles such as Fallout 4 and go for the indie type titles that I can pick up and experience something slightly different with (my last two purchases have been Firewatch and Hotline Miami).

So I perused my list and chose to get Gone Home. I went onto the PS Store and had every intention of buying Gone Home when all of a sudden a game jumped out at me. It’s a game that has barely registered on my radar from a franchise that I have never played but all of a sudden I felt compelled to buy it. It was FAR CRY 4.

Like I say I have never played any of the Far Cry games before but the fact that it was reduced to £15 on the PS Store caught my eye and when I started checking YouTube videos for the game I fell for it completely. It was something I needed to experience.

This is about as impulse as I get when buying games as normally I pile in the research and factor in all sorts of sources before I splash the cash. This time I was feeling ROCK&ROLL and just went for it on the strength of a Srong Metacritic rating and some cool YT vids.

FARCRY4 was mine and now it was time to have me some fun.

I’m  massive Fallout fan and played the life out of Fallout 3 and New Vegas so I really enjoy the open world genre especially when it’s rooted in reality. Far Cry 4 felt immediately like a glossy Fallout game. Let’s kind of cross Uncharted with Fallout and add some Just Cause in there for good measure and throw in some elements of COD and away you go.

Obviously with this being my first Far Cry outing, those comparisons may be obvious but they struck me immediately. I have been knee deep in this game for a couple of weeks now and I’m still enjoying it.

It has great vehicles in it. The micro light copter is a joy and I am addicted to the mini hovercrafts! The cars are all fun to drive and so are Elephants!!!

Animals play a massive role in this game as it is set in an abundantly populated jungle / mountainous terrain with whole hosts of various wildlife and fauna contained within. Wandering around for more than a few minutes on foot will no doubt lead to an animal encounter which often ends up with a swift despatch of either you or the animal. The birds of prey are a bit of a nuisance though as they swoop with no warning and attack!

The whole sense of feeling like you are opening up a mysterious land is well presented as you can’t see the whole map at the start and the secret parts are covered in a mist that is uncovered by liberation of radio towers. I think this is probably a Far Cry staple but it’s the first time I’ve encountered it and I like it.

The thing that I’m getting so far is a huge sense of fun to be had with grapple hooks, secret areas, masks, crafting, modding, vehicles, hangliders, copters and a whole host of other things to mess about with which will either be distractions to the main game or integral to progression.

What a game this is so far and well worth the £15 I paid. Gone Home will get my £15 net but for now I’m immersed in the Far Cry World and I love it!

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