☆ Artcade "The Book Of Classic Arcade Artwork" Is Finally In My Hands! ☆ #Retrogaming #Arcade @WoodPunk

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On October 22nd 2013 the Artcade Kickstarter was successfully funded and backed by 514 backers.....

61 Updates later and the book was ready to ship out to its backers on 14th April 2016

This book is a labour of love that has been created by Tim Nicholls with the eventual assistance of Sam from Bitmap Books.

I am so glad to finally be able to hold this glorious tome which details the beautiful artwork from some of the most iconic arcade machines that ever graced our arcades.

The journey for Tim has been long as he originally acquired the artwork rights from a Hollywood Movie Props company and then proceeded to spend over two thousand hours restoring the art to its arcade perfect glory. 

The arcade marquees represented in the book detail the unwritten history of my childhood spent playing most of these legendary video games.

For me, Tim has achieved something special with this book but for Tim it was heartache and pain all the way through the 3 year journey to getting this book out. Once the Kickstarter was funded Tim suffered setbacks left right and centre with Printer firms promising the earth and delivering nothing and then the hell of dealing with publishing companies until finally Tim was ready to give up on the project as it began to seep into his private life causing much distress and that isn't to mention Tim's loss of his mother along the way. 

Us backers were 100% behind Tim and the majority rallied behind Tim as the project looked like it was just one moment from hell after another for him. 

Tim asked us backers what he should do and the majority wanted to let Tim decide what was best for the project but at the same time it would have been tragic for the project to remain unfinished.

Then a ray of light in the form of BITMAP BOOKS appeared as the project lurched. Sam at Bitmap books worked with Tim to make the final piece of the dream come alive and now we have the book that we all wanted. A book that Tim can be proud of and a book for all retro gamers to savour!

Most of all though, it's a book that Tim's mum would have been proud of as she was a lifelong gamer and in Tim's words,
"My Nemesis on the Atari 2600 and still the best Pitfall player I have ever seen"

Here's 10 Of My Favourite Marquees From This Glorious Celebration Of Arcade Artwork 











As You Can See, The Artwork JUMPS Out Of The Pages On These Double Spreads!

If You Want To Own This Piece Of Awesomeness Then Get Over To 


If YOU Visit Funstock And Use The Checkout Code FREEZER Then You Will Get A Tidy 5% Off Of Your Purchase (NICE!)

What Do YOU Think Of Artcade?

Worth The Wait?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

"Stay Frosty Freezer Followers"


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