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Match 3 Games Have Been Around Forever But Puzzle Bobble For Me Is The Daddy!

My first encounter with Puzzle Bobble was on a school Geography trip in a place called Nettlecombe Court.
Nettlecombe is a massive country estate in Somerset that is used as a study location for Geography and Biology students. It is set in beautiful English countryside and houses a secret bar behind a bookcase along with a Puzzle Bobble Arcade machine! 

I only know this because me and my school mates discovered booze and this arcade machine by accident whilst away on this school trip. 

The machine was set to free play and we would spend any available time we had playing this brilliant game. The two player mode was awesome and really generated competition amongst us all.

I'll never forget the boozy Puzzle Bobble times in Nettlecombe, those were good times.

Puzzle Bobble remained a firm arcade favourite of mine from that moment onwards.....

Now let's fast forward to the PS1 era >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The PS1 for me was the scene of many a night of drunken video games playing. I had reached the age where I had my own flat and I would invite my mates over to play games of Pro Evolution Soccer or Time Crisis. 

Then I came across Bust A Move 2 on the PS1 which was the American name for Puzzle Bobble and I was immediately transported back to Nettlecombe as it was Puzzle Bobble to the power of ten!

This immediately became a hit with my friends and I as we would play versus matches all night long. The gameplay is just long enough to make it entertaining to watch while you wait your turn and winner stays on all nighters were a regular occurrence as the beers flowed and the Bust A Move laughs ensued. 

I think this game deserves a place in everyone's games to play with mates list as it is so much fun and just so easy to play. In fact at times it's actually quite therapeutic.

If you have never sampled the delights of Bust A Move 2 I would say that you owe it to yourselves to play it. Trust me, you won't regret it.

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