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Size Matters Right?

Well I have fallen in love with some tiny wonders from the world of the arcades and I want to share these little beauties with you all....

Come and take a peek..........

Some of the greatest NAMCO arcade cabinets are being transformed into 1/12th scale miniatures. 

The timeless game line-up includes PAC-MAN, Galaga, Galaxian and RALLY-X......

Unfortunately the cabinets aren't playable BUT they are beautiful.

They are a miniature marvel and I need these in my life.
The scale models use the original artistic designs of the original arcade machines.
The models have even faithfully represented the placement of the joysticks and buttons of the original machines.

The jewel in the crown is the beautiful artwork that has all been miniaturized and is represented in a way that I would never had thought possible at this size!
One of the coolest things I think that I will do when I get mine will be to create a miniature Amusement Arcade with 1/12th scale model people playing the vast assortment of cool video games cabinets...FINALLY I CAN OWN MY OWN ARCADE MACHINE!

If You Want To Get One Of These Beauties Then Head Over To :
Thank You NAMCO!

What Do YOU Think Of These Awesome Arcade Models?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below.....

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