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Nintendo has finally provided some more details about its upcoming console (not the NX) 

The NES Classic Edition, the miniaturised re release of the 1985 console that started it all for a lot of us....

We now know all about the Display Mode Options, Online Original Manuals and the Save-Anywhere System.
As we knew beforehand the NES Classic Edition comes with 30 games pre-installed, which includes the Super Mario Bros trilogy, Donkey KongMetroidKirby and The Legend of Zelda
Nintendo has added the option of a CRT filter which lays a scan line effect over the screen in order that you can recreate that mid 80's feel of the CRT TV.
Ad to that 4:3 mode that maintains the original aspect ratio of the CRT.
Nintendo have also included a Pixel Perfect mode which shows each and every pixel as a perfect square, resulting in what Nintendo calls the most accurate representation of the games on today's TV's.
The most exciting thing for me though has to be the 30 digital versions of each and every video game instruction booklet.
These will be accessible online or on a smart device by scanning a QR code in the NES Classic home menu.
I'm still hoping that there will be support downloading of more games via Nintendo. That would be awesome!
In the meantime, head over to the official Nintendo Website for a trip down memory lane...

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