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The last few days of my life have been dominated by one thing.............


More specifically ..............


I discovered recently how to create GIFS on GIPHY and now i'm addicted.....


In honour of my new found hobby I have compiled my TOP TEN GIFS that I have created this week..

1. Don't Turn On The TV MIKE! (Final Fight)

2. Sunset or Nuke? YOU Decide! (Midnight Resistance)

3. Blast Fishing By J.R Hartley (Metal Slug 3)

4. SUMO FOX (Psycho Fox)

5. I AM THE BOSS! (Streets Of Rage)

6. World Face-Plant Champion'16 (Legend Of Zelda SNES)

7. Illuminati Explained - Kojima Style (MGS2)

8. The Tough Get Whipping (Castlevania)

9. Shinobi Shuriken Massacre (Shinobi)

10. Bullets Are Your Friends (Operation Wolf)

BONUS: Ronnie's Burger (Bad Dudes)

GIFS are Great Aren't They!?

Have A Go At GIPHY And See If You Can OUT GIF Me..

Let Me Know How You Get On In The Comments Box Below...

"Stay Frosty Freezer Followers"

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