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The Games Freezer Video Games Ten Minute Tasters are usually a YouTube only feature BUT after my OBS software refused to record my gameplay I felt compelled to fulfil the ten-minute taster with a written version as I think this game deserves your attention.

Step into the freezer to learn a little bit more about The Fidelio Incident......

I saw the trailer to this game on YouTube and it was a game that immediately grabbed my attention as it shows an Irish guy and his wife in a plane over Iceland that gets into some kind of trouble and then crashes on a snowy mountain range. What trouble you get into is not quite clear but it means your plane is going down no matter what!

When you come round you can’t see your wife Leonore and the plane is scattered far and wide. As you drag yourself around the frozen landscape it soon becomes apparent that the plane is on fire in various parts of the landscape and you can see an ominous billowing plume of smoke up ahead which you just know is where the other part of the plane has to be!

A Mobile phone rings and you head towards the noise which is coming from the fuselage of the now destroyed plane. You find the phone and answer it.

It’s Leonore! She’s still alive! But she can’t hear you. The speaker on the phone is broken so it means you can only hear Leonore (that happened to me once with an old Sony Ericsson phone, the only way around it was to put the phone on loudspeaker…something for me to try in game maybe?!)

You resolve to find Leonore and head towards the smoke. It’s here we are then introduced to the premise of the game.

1. You will need to stay warm in order to survive. Hypothermia will set in if you don’t keep warm enough. This is achieved by finding fires from the plane wreckage as well as using hot water geysers which occur naturally in the Icelandic landscape.

2. As you wander from wreckage to wreckage of the plane you will come across Leonore’s belongings and particularly Leonore’s diary. You will need to pick up these diary pages and collect them all back up in order to conceal some kind of secret that the couple is hiding.

The desire to find out what the heck is going on is strong in this game. My time with it has been intriguing. I fell for Firewatch immediately and this game will obviously draw comparisons as it’s set in sweeping beautiful landscapes and has the so-called Walking Simulator genre tagged to it.

I love these types of games and when you add a bit of intrigue in there you have the perfect combination.

The game looks beautiful on the Unreal Engine which is a bonus and I for one can’t wait to play through this story to see what the heck is going on in this thriller of a story.

That’s Your Ten-Minute Taster and I Hope You Enjoy Playing The Fidelio Incident As Much As I Have So Far As It Comes Highly Recommended By A Walking Simulator Connoisseur Like Myself! 

Check Out This Game On Steam NOW...

Game Link: STEAM

(But Maybe Not Too Frosty!)

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