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Have you ever heard of the SEGA Super Circuit?

No me neither!

Well, I only heard about this cool attraction today when I was listening in for my weekly dose of the Giant BombCast.

Intrigued I had to take a closer look at what can only be described as a cross between Out Run and RC Pro AM in real life…
What is it all about then?! 

Well, Sega Super Circuit is a radio controlled car race around a specially constructed real life RC track.

Mini video cameras are mounted to each of the remote controlled cars and the video is displayed on the screen of a number of modified Out Run cabinets which then creates a "first person" race view for each of the remote-controlled racers.

The coolest part of this is an arcade board that keeps track of key race information such as winners, lap times, fastest laps and other cool racing type stats.  

Because the race takes place on a real-world track a human race adjudicator is required to set up each race and clear the track of any crash debris and cars. 

SEGA also had a commentator who would attempt to commentate on how the race is panning out.

The track was around 80m long and 1.5m wide and was first displayed at the Communication Carnival Yume Koujou in July 1987 and was then brought to the Amusement Machine Show in 1988.

From here the racing installation was transferred to Sega World Tokyo Roof in 1989. 

The Sega Super Circuit was reportedly operational until 1990.

Beyond 1990 no one seems to know its definitive fate.....

I would love to have had a go on this piece of SEGA kit back in the day and would love to find out what happened to the track and Out Run cabs that were set up.

Have YOU Ever Heard of This Before?

Do YOU Know What Its Fate Was?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

"Stay Frosty!"

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