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Some places on the internet feel right straight away.

It's like walking into a home with good karma or Feng shui, you know the feeling immediately and it puts you at ease.

This is exactly how I feel about visiting Dinky Box.
You'll know exactly what I mean when you hit up this link dinkybox.co.uk

Dinky Box specialises in cool collectables and comic art supplies. Sometimes I just visit the site to gawp at the cool stuff on offer for half an hour. 

I may be slightly biased towards this awesome website because Wil Overton is involved in the website and its design. 

Wil used to work on the Super Play Video Games Magazine back in the 90's and designed many of the iconic Super Play covers that I fell in love with. So it's safe to say that I'm a big fan of anything that Wil is involved with.

This website is a haven for geeks n gamers alike. It's got a whole heap of awesome video games franchises covered off in its web pages such as Adventure Time, Dragons Quest, South Park, Super Mario, Mega Man and Street Fighter to name but a few.

Dinky Box has been going since 2004, they named themselves 'dinky box' as they mostly sell small (dinky) sized collectable goodies which are mostly supplied in small (dinky sized) boxes. Being British they wanted to relate to those uniquely British terms for 'small' that conjure up childhood memories of collectable toys.
An interesting concept for Dinky Box is the way they approach Blind Boxes with the collector in mind. Many of the collectables they stock arrive as BLIND BOXES; that is to say that we have no idea which figure is inside which box and whilst this does add a surprise element it can become both frustrating and expensive for a collector when attempting to complete a collection.
Dinky Box gets around this by carefully opening some blind boxes in order to identify who's inside. Once opened they carefully reseal with low tack magic tape. The pre-identified boxes are labelled with the word (open) on the website. This is only done with some of the blind boxes and the blind boxes which remain factory sealed are listed as 'blind boxes' on the website.
Hopefully, now you have a taste for what Dinky Box is all about you'll head over there and get lost in some of the awesome collectables!
Here are 5 of my favourite Dinky Box items:

Take A Look Over The Awesomeness On Offer At Dinky Box And Let Me Know What Your Favourite Is In The Comments Box Below.
"Stay Frosty!"

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