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Over the course of the last few days, I’ve been delving into Shu for the first time prior to its Vita release.

Last week I was getting stuck into Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap as it got its PS4 release.

This feels like a good time, therefore, to get misty eyed again for all the awesome platform video games that I have played over the years.

This time though I’m removing all Super Mario games as of course, the Mario franchise is the perfect example of platforming perfection.

So this list maybe should be entitled “If Super Mario Didn’t Exist”

Without Mario in the list, it’s enabled me to open up my thinking a bit and dig back into the plethora of awesome platform video games that I played throughout the 80’s and 90’s as well as some more recent cool platform games on the PS3, PS4 and iOS.

There are stacks of great platformers to sift through but I’m going to have a go at condensing my thinking into ten great video games that I have played.

1. Super Ghouls N Ghosts (SNES/SMD)

"So tough, so good, so frustrating and yet so rewarding when you finally complete it (for the second time!)"

2. Wonderboy In Monsterland (SMS)

"The first platform game that I owned on my SEGA Master System and I pumped in a whole heap of hours into this marvel of a video game."

3. Psycho Fox (SMS)

"Being able to utilise different character types was a first for me and it resulted in one of the most memorable platform games ever made."

4. Limbo (PS3)

"Atmospheric and Emotional are not words you would usually associate with a platform game but this has it all in a stylish package."

5. Alex Kidd In Miracle world (SMS)

"Probably helped by the fact that nearly everyone played this on the SEGA Master System as it was the pre-loaded game but I love this game lots."

6. Sonic The Hedgehog (SMD)

"Playing this video game for the first time was memorable for its amazing speed and gorgeous graphics. A platforming Ferrari."

7. Earthworm Jim (SMD/SNES)

A game that made me laugh and also tough as nails, this was like playing a cartoon on a SEGA Megadrive.

8. Castle Of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse (SMD)

"Just a dream to look at and brings a smile to your face. This platformer was the ultimate Disney cartoon platformer."

9. James Pond II: Robocod (SMD)

"This game has awesome visuals and a whole heap of Penguins! It’s kind of surreal but also a good game from my childhood."

10. Prince Of Persia (SNES)

"Precision jumping and awesome animation are the two ingredients that make this game so awesome. A masterclass in platforming."


These platform video games were in my thinking as I was compiling this list but didn’t quite make the cut.

SHU (PS4) 
"I’ve fallen for this awesome PS4 release with its lovely controls and beautiful art style."

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (PS4) 
"The remake of the third Wonder Boy instalment is a masterpiece of old and new."

Bean Dreams (iOS) 
"I’m constantly playing this on my iPhone right now with its catchy retro tunes and retro-inspired gameplay."

Super Dangerous Dungeons (iOS) 
"I completed this on iPhone last year and I loved this small but precise platform game that distills years of platformers into one small package."

Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (SMS) 
"I’m not 100% sure whether this still holds up today but this game was so much fun for me when I played it on my Master System."

Zool (AMIGA) 
"A fast and colourful platformer from my Amiga days which was a great contender in the days of everyone trying to compete with Sonic! (Chupa Chups galore!)

Super Frog (AMIGA) 
"A fun froggy filled caper with Super Frog on the Amiga. Another colourful well-executed platformer."

Soccer Kid (AMIGA) 
"This was a game that I just had to own on my Amiga a mix of Soccer and platforming in a cool package."

Cool Spot (SNES) "Despite the game being 7up sponsored and featuring the 7 Up mascot it’s actually pretty darn good!"

There you have it, my favourite platform games ever minus Super Mario.

There’s a whole heap of nostalgia wrapped up in those choices and it’s made me want to play these awesome platform games all over again.

What’s YOUR Fave Platform Video Game (pretend that Super Mario doesn’t exist)?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

"Stay Frosty!"

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