☆ One Credit Classics Talks Ghouls N Ghosts No Death in 412 Takes and Laying Down In The Road! - Video Games Memories ☆ @1creditclassics #GamersUnite #Retrogaming

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One Credit Classics is by far and away my favourite YouTube Channel Right Now!

The love for the games that are being beaten in one credit oozes through the screen with every video and I just had to get Mr 1 Credit on here to tell us more about what makes him tick as a gamer and obviously what his favourite sarnie is....

Let's jump in and let Mr 1 Credit spill the beans...
1. What's your earliest video gaming memory?

My dad bought a ZX81 back in the early 80's and I remember my brother programming games onto that but I can't remember anything specifically. 

It would have been something involving an X and an O as all those games were but we then progressed onto a 48k Spectrum. 

I remember playing a centipede clone called Millimon really early on, I think that's probably one of the first games I remember putting my time into. 

2. What was the first video game console that you owned?

The Sega Master System was the first console for me. I saved up pocket money, did odd jobs and pooled all the money I had from a birthday as well over a few months. I bought it from Woolworths, it was £59.99 and it came with Alex Kidd in Miracle World. 

I need to one credit clear that at some point, I had so many amazing games over the years for the Master System. I've really enjoyed replaying a load of those titles on the channel like The Ninja, Kung Fu Kid and Black Belt. It's such a wonderful console, so full of character.
3. How did you get into the retro gaming scene?

I've been playing videogames for about 33 years and as I've got older I've found my tastes haven't moved on from the era that I associate the best times of my video gaming life. 

You'll never be able to re-create the magic of the late 80's/early 90's arcade scene and I honestly think I'm stuck there, but not in a bad way, in the best possible way. 

Every time I fire up MAME or my SNES I'm immediately transported back to that time, it's my fountain of youth. I feel exactly the same playing Double Dragon now as I did in the late '80s and that's the magic of retro gaming. 

I first started making videos nearly 2 years ago after a conversation with a good friend of mine. I was amazed at how quickly the channel grew and how much support people offered. 

It's an awesome community and I'm really happy to be a small part of it.

4. What's your favourite video game of all time?

Now that is a tough question. It's probably Street Fighter 2 realistically but on any day it could be any number of titles from Secret of Mana to Final Fantasy VII to Super Metroid to Super Mario Brothers 3.

I'd give you a different answer every single day you asked me I think!

5. What's your favourite console of all time?

It's got to be the Super Nintendo. I had one in January 1993 and still have one today. 

I've got nothing but amazing gaming memories of that system and I honestly think it's one of the finest pieces of technology ever produced. It had absolute everything and every single time I turned that thing on, and switched on my TV I was happy until I switched it off. 

It's the best. 

6. What's your favourite arcade game of all time?

Golden Axe. It has to be. I've got nothing but amazing memories of my late father taking me down to the arcade in town on Saturdays to sit in the chair and play it. 

Even now it's something that I play every few days and, if you're a big fan of the channel, then you should check it out because there's loads of clears on there. 
7. What's your favourite sandwich?

That's a very good question, I'm a massive fan of Fish Finger Sandwich on thick white bread to be honest with you. I'm starving right now even mentioning it!
8. What do you order from an Indian Restaurant?

A big old Chicken Madras and enough Naan Bread to build a tower! 

9. What's your favourite beer?

I don't drink anymore as it happens. I rated a bit of Carlsberg back in the day, but I had a few too many one evening and had a bit of a brush with death (I fell asleep in a road), which made me pack it in! 

10. What current generation video games do you play (if any)?
I'm playing a lot of Monster Hunter at the moment, it's fantastic. It's probably gripped me more than anything I can remember since maybe XCOM on the PS3, to be honest with you. The scope of playing Monster Hunter long term is absolutely massive. 

11. Who's your fave person to follow on Twitter?

@Gamesyouloved are awesome guys and @caneandrinse as well. 

If you love the scene, they're fantastic follows. 

12. What's your favourite video game genre?

Good question. In terms of hours played it's probably RPG because I'm a huge fan of everything from the original Final Fantasy games up to Action RPG games like Monster Hunter and everything in between really. 

I also play a lot of 2D fighting games as well from the early 90's. That whole era produced some amazing 2D scrappers and there's never a bad time to throw one on.

13. If you were a console, which one would you be and why?

I'd love to say the SNES but I can't because that's arrogant! 

Honestly, I'd be something like the Neo Geo Pocket. 

Not known by the masses but loved by the few that understand what I'm trying to achieve.

14. Can you recommend a good retro gaming shop?
There's so many to be honest but I really like The Retro Ghetto. It's run online but he's always got the best stuff in there. https://www.facebook.com/Retroghettouk/

15. If you were going to do a Cosplay tomorrow, what would it be and why?
 That's a good question. I mean I've got to go to work tomorrow so something involving a shirt. A few years ago for Halloween I went as a zombie, my wife did my make up. I was pretty happy with how it looked.

16. We love your amazing YouTube 1 credit videos and was just wondering how many takes it normally takes to nail that 1 credit run?
It really depends on the game to be honest and there's a massive scale of achievement based on difficulty. The first ever episode was Wrestlefest and I did that in 1 take. 

Ghouls N Ghosts No Death took 412 takes. 

R-Type No Death took hundreds as well. It all depends how good I am at the game and how crazy the challenge is really. No Death runs always take quite a bit of time but they're always the most satisfying to get right! 

If you like the channel by the way check out our Patreon,  
https://www.patreon.com/onecreditclassics, you get free stuff in the post and I'm saving up to buy a new PC at the moment! 

MASSIVE THANKS TO MR One Credit For Such An Awesome Set Of Answers!

You Need To Check Out His Videos at youtube.com


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