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Back when the Arcades ruled the video games world the ultimate accolade was to be seen to produce an arcade perfect conversion onto home consoles and computers.

As a gamer you'd look out for the phrase arcade perfect in any review and you knew that was the game to buy if those immortal words were uttered.

It got me thinking about some of my favourite arcade to console conversions over the years and I have compiled a nice little top 5 to show off my fave arcade to console conversions.

Let's take a gander now and let me know which 5 you'd select.

5. Operation Wolf - SEGA Master System

"I always loved a go on Operation Wolf in the Arcades but I was useless at it and my pound wouldn't go very far.

I was overjoyed that the SEGA Master System version was great and it was awesome to use the cool Light Phaser for it too. Although i'm still crap at it"

Conversion Worth A Mention:
FM Towns - I never played this version but it looks lovely!

4. Out Run - SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis

"Everyone loves an out run arcade cabinet. Especially a deluxe cabinet with the awesome moving hydraulics parts to it. 

There's been a heap of Out Run conversions over the years but the version that I played the most has to be the SEGA Mega Drive version. The car looks just right and the graphics are almost there. Great fun to play!"

Conversion Worth A Mention:
Dreamcast - The Dreamcast was born to play arcade conversions and this version looks stunning.

3. Midnight Resistance - Commodore 64

"I came across Midnight Resistance in a Kebab shop that had a pool table in it (what a great place) The Commodore 64 version was a minor miracle. 

It was so great to play and I was hooked the moment I played the demo tape strapped across an issue of Commodore User that my mate bought. A lot of time was spent at my mates house during that summer trying to beat Midnight Resistance. I never played any other version of teh game apart from the arcade and the C64 version but that's all I needed in my life!"

Conversion Worth A Mention: 
SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis - The SEGA Mega drive was always king of the arcade conversions and the Midnight Resistance version beautiful on the mighty SEGA black box.

2. NBA JAM - Tournament Edition - Super Nintendo

"The Arcade Cabinet for NBA JAM is my ultimate find in any arcade! It's the most fun to be had with your mates and it's mega easy to play. 

When the original came out on SNES I was so excited to find out that it was an amazing conversion and many a night was spent with mates and some beers having the most fun playing this legend of a game. 

Then Tournament Edition arrived and took it up a notch. It was at this point NBA JAM reached its pinnacle and unfortunately was never the same afterwards BUT NBA JAM TE on the SNES is a marvel and I love it lots!"

Conversion Worth A Mention:
PlayStation - This version looks perfect, I never got my hands on it though as the next version I played was the revamped version many years later on PS3.

1. Street Fighter 2 - Super Nintendo

"This cartridge of joy was £65 when it came out on Super Nintendo! But that treasure trove of pocket money that I put aside each week was well worth the effort when I finally got my hands on a game that I was in awe of in the arcades. I would often play the arcade at my local newsagents in the 90's and the crowd to play and watch would far outweigh the people in there to buy newspapers and sweets. 

Although I do know that a lot of people used the crowded shop as a cover up to nick a Marathon and a pocket full of penny sweets while the main event was going on. 

I was not very good at the arcade version and would get whooped on a regular by my mates and strangers. I vowed to become good and avenge my abysmal showing at the newsagents. 

It was only when the SNES version was released that I was able to beat my mates as I piled in the training and became at one with the SNES Joypad. 

My character of choice was Guile with his undefeatable kicks and power. The thing is though I was still shit at the arcade because I wasn't using a joystick at all and in the arcade the joystick felt foreign to me! 

There was also the fact that the PAL SNES version was actually a slower version than the Arcade and the NTSC / JAP versions BUT I don't care because it was the best £65 I ever spent (with a little help from Mum n Dad!)"

Conversion Worth A Mention:
GameBoy - Considering the limitations of this tiny monochrome pocket rocket you will fall in love with the GameBoy soundtrack immediately. I urge you to buy the Gameboy version and just listen to the soundtrack. Chip Tune awesomness!

That's My Five Fave Arcade To Console Conversions.

Hopefully That's Got Your Nostalgia Gland Working Overtime!

What Are YOUR Fave Five Arcade Conversions?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

(All Compare Videos Are From The Awesome Gaming History Source YouTube Channel)


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