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If you hear anyone talking about Bombslinger then you will most likely hear them refer to Super Bomberman R in the same sentence as they are pretty much cousins but they are most definitely not the same and Bombslinger does not come across as a game trying to best Super Bomberman R either.

So, what is Bombslinger all about and is it worth picking up for your Switch?

Well let's have a look shall we?

Game Title: Bombslinger
Developer: Mode4
Platform Reviewed: Nintendo Switch
Rating: Melting
What's immediately clear is Bombslinger's focus on the single player campaign which is your first clue to the fact that we don't have a Bombrman clone on our hands. Mode4’s focus for Bombslinger is the pixel art Wild West setting and the story of a bandit who threw away the bandit lifestyle and settled down in ranch to see out his days with his fam a lam. No man can escape Banditry as we all know and your former posse of wild west bandits come back to burn your beloved ranch down and do away with your wifey! It's at this point you are required to exact revenge!

Armed with bombs and a top down view you'll make your way through screen after screen of maze like grids that can be destroyed in order to take out each and every enemy on screen which will then enable you to progress to the next screen. There are certain aspects of the level that can be utilised for your own advancement such as explosive barrrels that send out a massive blast across screen and dealing death to anyone in their path. 

When you first set foot outside your smouldering ranch then you'll be greeted by angry old farmers who pootle after you with a pitch fork. Before long though you come across shot gun wielding death bringers who want to stick some buck shot into your posterior. There are also manic goats which chase you down. Rabid dogs which chase you and eventually at the end of each set of screens you will go toe to toe with a bigger boss who will also let lose his henchmen. I faced a giant Goat at one point who unleashed his goat kids on me! Learning the enemy patterns is key to defeating them and it will take some time to progress as the game is pretty unforgiving. If you lose all your hearts then it's game over and back to the start without any of the stuff you've bought or powered up which can be slightly demoralising BUT did leave me more determined to avoid he same mistakes on my next playthrough.

Each enemy despatched will leave you with XP to collect and that in turn can lead to a level upgrade for your revenge seeking bandit. You'll also receive cash from kills that can be spent in various shops dotted around the game. You'll be able to buy weapons, movement enhancements, and health upgrades from the shop and this will enable you to refine your Bomblinger experience to a style that suits your playstyle. You'll also receive different types of weaponry from those felled foes who are brandishing weapons of Bomblinging destruction and you'll defo ant to be hanging onto these weapons if you are going to survive this test of skill and luck!

When you do die (and you will die a lot) then when you restart your run you will notice that the levels change slightly as they are procedurally genereated each time which makes for a slightly different experience each run and keeps you on your toes.

This game favours the patient as you plan out your next move and work your way through each screen methodically to exact your western style revenge.
Bombslinger does have multiplayer battle modes for up to four players with a Deathmatch and Last Man Standing option to keep you slinging bombs with your buddies. This mode is carnage and the on screen chaos makes a good distraction to the methodical approach of the main single player game.

Bombslinger is a good game but it comes with a health warning. You will get frustrated. You will come to points when you want to SwitchSling your Switch across the room (until you remember how beautiful and expensive your Switch is). 

Perseverance in the single player campaign is rewarding and once you get into a rhythm you will enjoy this game to its potential BUT warn all your family members that they may hear extreme expletives while you exact your revenge on that darn ranch burning possy!

Ratings Explained
ICE COOL (Great Game Recommended)
MELTING (Recommended with reservations, one to consider if you are a fan of the genre)
MELTED (Not A Recommended Purchase)

Review By Rich

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