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Not so long ago you needed to download specific emulation apps in order to somehow get retro video games playable on your smartphone. These apps and methods were often unreliable and came with the dark spectre of copyright law hanging over them.

Those days were the times when only the truly dedicated retro gamer would venture down the path of downloading emulators, configuring them to work and then sourcing the roms for the games. It was never a straight forward process and one that often left you feeling a bit short changed at the end as the games weren’t necessarily formatted for a smartphone screen and touch screen controls.

Now fast forward to here and now, retro games are big business (again) and software developers are raiding their back catalogues in order to feed the masses the meal of classic retro games via their chosen app store and straight onto their phones. No messing with emulation and copyright required, just a classic video game in palm of your hand ready to play!

So which retro games should you download onto your phone with such a massive selection now available?

Let’s narrow it down to 5 shall we in true top 5 list fashion:

  1. Grim Fandango (1998) - Android & iOS
“Written and directed by Tim Schafer whilst he was at Lucas Arts games this is a classic point and click adventure that has been heralded as one of the all time greats of the genre.”

  1. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (1992) - Android & iOS

“Surely the best Sonic video game that has ever been made and it’s now it’s available for you to dash around in on your smartphone! My favourite level has to be Casino Night Zone, watching Sonic being used as a pinball blew my mind as a 12 year old SEGA nut!”

  1. Metal Slug 3 (2000) - Android & iOS
“A legendary Neo Geo 2D side scrolling shooter that everyone should play. It’s been converted to every console known to man and now it’s there in the palm of your hand for you to play on your smartphone. It’s beautiful to look at and a dream to play.”

  1. R-Type (1987) - Android & iOS
“R-Type defined a genre. Upon release the SHMUP genre was never the same. Every release since has tried to live up to the standard that R-Type set. Tight controls and a mega tough challenge to complete it really does stand the test of time.”

  1. Neo Turf Masters (1996) - Android & iOS
“I love a good golf game on the train into work and this is the perfect golf game. An arcade golf game that actually requires you to think your way round 18 holes of golf rather than just smash your way round, it’s a true test of skill and has got that undeniable NEO GEO look about it. You’ll be throwing your phone down in frustration at some points and then almost immediately picking it back up to have another go.”

So that’s my five retro video games that I would recommend that you install to your smartphone but the truth is there is an absolute plethora of retro video game titles out there right now, so go and take a look for yourself and see what takes your fancy…

I’m off to smash some golf balls into a tricky stretch of Lake…

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