๐ŸŽง Unboxing & Review: Lucidsound LS25 e-Sport Edition Gaming Headset ๐ŸŽง #Unboxing #Review

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Well I was lucky enough to be sent some LUCIDSOUND LS25 headphones a few weeks back and i've taken them for a test drive and here's my honest evaluation of the latest set of good value for money headsets from the awesome LUCIDSOUND team.

Compatibility: PS4, XBOX One, Switch, PC, Mac & Mobile Phones

When I took the LS25 headset out of its box packaging it immediately felt good to the touch with a nice set of oversized ear cups and leather inner headband. The colour scheme is a classic red & black and the prongs that attach the ear cups to the main headset are made out of some kind of metal (probably aluminium). 

I like the design and they have definitely gone for gamer earphones styling rather than earphones that could blend into the usual high street music listener style earphones. I’m fine with this but the oversized nature of them may put some people off who use their earphones for gaming and also for listening to music on the move. I also like the detachable microphone which can easily be reattached and detached on the fly which makes the overall design pretty cool.
The LS25 earphones really come into their own when you slip them onto your head. The earcups fit nicely over the ears and the padded headband adds extra comfort to the whoe experience of wearing these stylish headphones. The thing that normally hits me with gamer earphones is the comfort factor after prolonged sessions. 

My ears generally overheat but after a Red Dead Redemption 2 session of around 4 hours my ears were fine. Some slight adjustments were needed throughout that time but nothing major enough to detract from my experience with the LS25’s

The headset is quite bulky so maybe not the best choice for a portable headset
The microphone is detachable which is good.
The sound quality of the mic is fine for gaming chat but maybe not so great for online Skype chat due to a hollow tone.
It has a cool twist dial on the ear cup for volume control which is a neat touch for the headset and means that no inline controller for volume is required and this makes the whole setup neater.
The other earcup houses the mute function and this is implemented with a push of the earcup which is an elegant solution.
For this price point you are getting great value for your money here! 
The performance of these headphones for gaming was awesome, positional noises whilst playing Red Dead were totally spot on and immersed me nicely into the game.
Music performance was also really good as I listened to my favourite Catfish & The Bottlemen tracks. The sound range of these headphones is pretty impressive and for something at this price point that is pretty rare.
  • A wired headset at a great price.
  • Comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions.
  • Great Sound performance.
  • Let down slightly by the microphone but not a deal breaker.
  • Buy these is you want a great looking, comfortable set of headphones which performance above expectations for a great price.

(My sample headset was provided by Lucidsound)
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