๐ŸŽฎ 5 Ways To Enjoy Gaming Without Switching On Your Console ๐ŸŽฎ

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Image License Your console isn’t the only source of fun.

Given that I run this website, it’s hardly surprising to learn that I love gaming. However, even I hit stages where I’m not in the mood to switch on a console and play. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean I can’t still get my gaming fix.

Here are just five ways I love to relax and enjoy gaming even when I’m not playing my console. I hope they can help you in troubled times too.

Listen To A Podcast
I’ve already published a post on my favourite gaming podcasts, and I truly believe they are incredible. It gives me a chance to sit back and relax after a tough day. Alternatively, I enjoy listening when completing various daily chores. One way or another, I’m sure you’ll gain a lot of enjoyment from incorporating this type of media into your life. Whether you listen once in a blue moon or decide to have a daily dose is entirely up to you.

Write A Blog Post
It’s a crazy phenomenon, but writing about your passions is truly therapeutic. When you love gaming like I do, even writing an easy post like this is great fun. However, reviews and news pieces are even more enjoyable while I love reading the views of other gamers. This community vibe is one of the great things about online interactions, and I suggest everyone gets involved. For the more casual gamers out there, perhaps you could try writing about the other passions in your life.

Play Mobile Games
Sometimes I don’t have the time to set up the console and TV. In those cases, playing smartphone games is the perfect solution. If you crave added excitement, casino games are ideal. Click here to learn about the best on the market. Meanwhile, simple online games like Words With Friends can be played with friends at a time to suit you. If nothing else, it lets you have a little gaming fun without eating into your productivity. This is a recipe for success in any busy gamer’s books.

Watch Others Play
Crazy as it sounds, watching other people play games can be immensely relaxing. While most fans will watch the popular YouTubers like PewDiePie, this isn’t your only choice. I quite like watching video walkthroughs of retro games that I haven’t played for years. The trip down memory lane can be amazing, and may even give you some ideas about your next gaming purchases. Better still, it’s the perfect way to avoid the stress of losing and may even save one or two controllers.

Shop Online
Shopping when you are bored probably isn’t the wisest piece of advice I’ll ever give. Still, there’s no doubting that treating myself to a new game is the perfect way to rediscover the excitement. I know we can download games for the PS Network here or from Microsoft. Honestly, though, I think there’s something special about receiving a package in the post. Besides, by the time it arrives, I’ll have probably regained my desire to get playing.

So, there you have it. Are there any alternatives that I’ve missed out? Let me know.

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