๐Ÿ’ฐ๐ŸŽ„ 4 Ways To Make A Little Extra Christmas Money From Gaming ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ’ฐ

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The festive season will soon be upon us and most of us are woefully unprepared for the seasonal spend-a-thon that seems to cut deeper and deeper into our carefully managed budgets every year. What’s a gamer to do in the face of such impending expense? 

Put in a few more hours at work? Ugh! Even if you’re lucky enough to have a job in which overtime is readily available, you don’t want to spend any longer in that place than you have to. 

Perhaps a side hustle then? You’re always hearing about how people are making money in the digital realm but how? If only there were some way you could monetize your passion for gaming. 

But wait! There are ways in which you can do exactly that! If you’re hoping to make some extra bank over the festive period, what about…

Take to the online casinos

As in real world casinos, there’s a lot of money to be made in their digital counterparts. But unlike real-world casinos, the online variety offer far more tempting incentives for new gamers to try their luck at their digital tables. What’s more, there are also a variety of coupons and special offers out there that mean that you can increase your chances of winning while significantly reducing your upfront investment. Try your luck at one of the biggest and most reliable online casinos with this Virgin Casino promo code. It’s good for $20 free credit and up to $100 cashback.  

Get farming!

Those who love dedicating their free time to MMOs and online role playing games will know that you can actually make money from farming gold and items within the game for cash. World Of Warcraft will pay you a few pennies per 1,000 gold coins while Steam offers an easy way to make real cash money from selling in-game items.

Moreover, Steam gameplay will also win you an assortment of collectable cards which can be redeemed for cash in the client’s marketplace. You might not make enough to retire on, but you can certainly make enough to take a little of the sting out of Christmas shopping!

Sell your MMO characters

Many gamers out there are cash rich, but time poor. They love to play MMOs but don’t have the time to grind their way to a powerful character equipped with the equipment and regalia that they will need to get the gaming experience they want. These gamers will happily pay for the convenience of buying a character that’s built to their specifications. If you can’t do this in-game, there may be player auctions where you can sell your characters and accounts for a profit.

Become a playtester

Games require a lot of testing as part of their quality control process. This usually involves spending a lot of time searching through levels looking for bugs. While not a terribly fun or glamorous job, it’s likely a lot more enjoyable than putting in overtime, it requires little in the way of entry requirements and could even be your gateway into games development.

Who said that making a little extra money for Christmas had to be boring?

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