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You’ve done it. You’ve purchased a new gaming PC. You’ve purchased a few Steam games. You have free time all set out, and you’re ready to push forward to enjoy a wealth of video gaming experiences that truly matter, and can fill your weekends with recreational fun. But only one question remains - you’re not sure how to actually play with your friends. Hey, you’re new to this, you can be forgiven.
When you’re hoping to play video games, time is of the essence. You don’t want to follow a thousand guides just to get something working. For that reason, it might be that following this list can get you rocking and in the game faster, crafting silly and creative memories with your online buddies.

Just take this into your stride:

Fill Your Friends Lists
First, you might need to fill your friends list. Services such as Steam, Blizzard, and Origin offer connective services to Facebook, which might help you fill out a friends list immediately. Just be sure not to add those from your work unless you’re close because we all know how awkward that might be. Some services use different methods of finding friends. There might be usernames, usernames and hashtag coupled numbers, or even a long friend code in some instances. Either way, find this information because you’ll need it to invite your friends to games.

Download Discord
Download Discord. Discord is a voice and text chat program that offers full creative freedom in the gaming circuit and has taken programs such as Ventrilo and Teamspeak over completely. Discord allows you to craft your own profile, and connect to communities you care about. It also allows you to open a new chat room server for free. This can be extremely useful if hoping to connect with friends, but be sure you mess with the settings to have your previously purchasing headset connected and ready to go.

Consider Your Own Game Server
When you fall in love with a game, it can be worthwhile to consider just how much dominion you might like over it. It could be that through a service like Gameserverkings, you are able to craft an online platform that is secure for only you and your friends. If you hope to craft an online ‘clan’ and brand yourselves, you might even consider opening up the website to more users, especially in niche game settings. However, this can not only give you more control over how the world progresses but also give you the tools to mess with the server settings, generally giving you a degree of control over the game, such as setting spawn rates.

Try New Games
Odds are, no group are always going to want to play the same game all of the time. Be sure to open yourself up to new experiences and play with your friends where you can. You never quite know when you might become extremely fond of something without previous expectation. This can feel wonderful, so be sure to experience it.

With these tips, the novelty of the gaming experience will pass into a love for the industry, and an appreciation for the memories you’ve made.

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