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Having a hobby or something that you enjoy doing as a way to rest and relax is much needed for us all. And the chances are that if you are here, gaming is likely to be passion or hobby of your own. But looking for new gaming sites can always be a good idea, so that you can relax, have some time alone, use your brain in a different way, or just break up the day and do something more fun.

So with all of that in mind, here are some free sites online for gaming, so you can try something new without having to spend money. 

There is something for everyone on this list too, from board games, chess, sports games, puzzles, arcade games, and much more. Have you got a favorite site that is listed?

It would be great to hear what you think.

Pogo is a free site that has over 200 online games that range from puzzles, word games, arcade games, and even casino games, much like slotathon.com. So there is going to be something for everyone on this site. You can browse the category that you want, unless you know a specific game that you want to search for. With it being a free site, it does give you the chance to register, which isn’t necessary, but it can help you to build a profile, check your gaming stats, and build up a collection of coins. There are also some ads on there, again, with it being a free site, so be conscious of that as you use it, especially if teenagers are playing on it.

The site miniclip.com is another free site, but it has some games that are exclusive to the site. There are also over 60 gaming categories to choose from, so you won’t be stuck for something to do any time soon. Conveniently, though, the top games are listed all together so you can see what are the most popular ones and give them a try. You don’t need an account to play on here, so it can be good for someone that just likes to dip in and out of the games, or wants to pass the time occasionally by playing, when they travel or commute, for instance. There is also a mobile app, so again, that makes it a good option for travel or for those that are out and about a lot. As with most free sites, there are ads before each game, which is important to remember. You do need flash player to play the games online as well (but not on the app).

Addicting Games
The site doesn’t get the name addicting games for no reason; it is a site that has users flocking to it each month, with so many of them coming back for more. The unique thing about this site is that the games are all submitted in by developers from all over the world, so there are games on there that aren’t anywhere else online. As a result, there are some pretty fun categories to choose from, such as zombie, funny, strategy, and cars. You don’t need to create an account to play, but you can leave comments on a game. So as you browse, being able to see what others think of the game can be a good thing, as well as sharing your own thoughts on it. You can also play multiplayer games, which does differ to a lot of other gaming sites, so it can be a bit more of a social thing if you have friends that are all interested in gaming too.

Armor Games
There is a large collection of games over at Armor Games, with new games added weekly. So if you like to try something new each time you hop online, then this site could be worth a visit. You can also sign up to be notified when the new games are online so that you don’t miss anything. The user registration is optional, though, but when you do sign up (which is for free), you get less advertisements, so it could be worth doing if you planning on visiting and playing there a lot.

PCH Games
PCH Games is a site that does have a range of games, though compared to some of the others here, it is much smaller scale. There are arcade style games, to card games, and word games, though, so there is something for different tastes. But what really stands this site out from the crowd is that you can play to earn tokens from each game. And each month the site gives away prizes, and you are entered in to win these prizes when you get to a certain level of tokens. So it can be a hobby that could earn you prizes, just by simply playing along. There are ads, of course, but other than those it is a free site to use.

Big Fish Games
This site, Big Fish Games, is a site that is most known for the games that are downloadable to your computer (though there are still plenty of other games to choose from). And the good news is, that the games can be played for free, at least most of them anyway. Some of them are just teasers or trials, where it will let you play for a few levels and then you’ll have to pay for the rest. There are new games that are released pretty often, though, so the chances are that there will always be something new to try out. There is also an app for this site, so it can be simpler to play the games when commuting or just sat at home.

This is just a small list of gaming sites out there to choose from; there are plenty. But these are pretty safe in terms of spam or malware
, and the majority of them a pretty family-friendly sites too. Just watch those ads to make sure that you don’t end up somewhere that you don’t want to be.

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